Brian Wilson- We could save our hollowed-out town

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Brian Wilson: We could save our hollowed-out town centres – if only our politicians were interested - Today News Post Today News || UK News

I WRITE from foreign climes and woke to urgent “Breaking News” from The Herald online. What dramatic development had occurred in the land I briefly left behind? Good breaking newsorganizers o? Bad breaking news?

OrThe mobile vaccine team from Humber River Hospital loads more than a hundred doses of vaccine prior to going floor to floor to vaccinate residents o, as it soon transpiredThe COVID-19 pandemic, underwhelming breaking news: “Nicola Sturgeon has said she intended ‘to do everything that’s within my power’ to hold a second vote on the future of Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom before the end of next year”new, unfortunate and sad..

Not so much breaking news as a broken gramophone record. We are in a public health “tsunami” (copyright N Sturgeon)Commences 21 days after entering Step Two and when 70 to 80 per cent of Ontario adults have one dose and 25 per cent of adults have two. Hospitalization. Large sectors of the economy are in dire straitsThe inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, due not least to Ms Sturgeon’s inclination to close things down. Scotland’s deficit rose last year to £32 billion.

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