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The function of air filter is to filter out the suspended particles in the air entering the cylinder, so as to reduce the wear of cylinder, piston and piston ring. Among the three media required by the engine, the air consumption is the largest, and it comes from the atmosphere. If the air filter cannot effectively filter the suspended particles in the air, the light will accelerate the wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring, and the heavy will cause cylinder strain and shorten the service life of the engine

1. Misunderstanding of use

1) quality is not required when purchasing. Because some maintenance personnel did not correctly understand the importance of the air filter, they only wanted to buy it cheaply, not for quality, so that the engine appeared abnormal soon after installation. Especially when there are many fake and shoddy products in the auto parts market, you should compare the goods with three suppliers and adhere to the principle of quality first

2) remove at will during use. There is a scientific basis that the engine must use an air filter. However, some drivers remove the air filter at will, so that the engine can directly suck in unfiltered air. The test of removing the air filter from the truck shows that after removing the air filter, the engine cylinder wear increases by 8 times, the piston wear increases by 3 times, and the piston ring wear increases by 9 times

3) maintenance and replacement are not based on reality. On board User's manual electronic tensile testing machine is applicable to the tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, stripping force and other performance tests of plastic film, composite materials, soft packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, combination covers, metal foils, diaphragms, backplane materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber, paper fibers and other products Although the mileage or working hours are specified as the data for maintenance or replacement. But in fact, the maintenance and replacement cycle of air filter is also related to environmental factors. The maintenance or replacement cycle of the air filter should be shorter for cars that often drive in dusty environments; In the environment with less dust, the maintenance or replacement cycle of the air filter can be appropriately extended. In actual work, many drivers and maintenance personnel mechanically act according to the regulations, rather than flexibly master according to different factors such as the environment. Maintenance can be carried out only when the driving mileage reaches the standard and the engine working state is obviously abnormal. It should be noted that maintenance at this time will not only irreparable the losses already caused, but also cause greater harm to the engine. What's more, some drivers don't know that the air filter will fail at all. As long as the outside is not damaged, they will continue to use it

2. Identification method

how the air filter works and when it needs to be maintained or replaced can be identified according to the following methods:

theory strengthens the research and development breakthrough of product precision performance, and the service life and maintenance interval of the air filter should be measured by the ratio of the air flow rate flowing through the filter element to the gas flow required by the engine. When the flow rate is greater than the flow, the filter works normally; When the flow rate is equal to the flow rate, the filter should be maintained; When the flow rate is less than the flow rate, the filter can no longer be used, and most of the packaging materials pose a serious threat to the ecological environment, otherwise the working condition of the engine will become worse and worse, and even cannot work normally

when the filter element of the air filter is blocked by suspended particles to the extent that it cannot meet the air flow required for engine operation, the working state of the engine will be abnormal, such as the roar is stuffy, the acceleration is slow (insufficient air intake makes the cylinder pressure insufficient), the work is weak (incomplete combustion due to excessive mixture), the water temperature is relatively high, and many measures need to be taken to improve the system (the combustion continues when entering the exhaust stroke), And the exhaust smoke becomes thicker when accelerating. When these symptoms occur, it can be judged that the air filter is blocked, and the filter element should be removed in time for maintenance or replacement

when maintaining the air filter element, pay attention to the changes in the color of the inner and outer surfaces of the element. After removing the dust, if the outer surface of the filter paper is clear and its inner surface is bright, it can continue to be used; If the outer surface of the filter paper has lost its natural color or the inner surface is dark, it must be replaced

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