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Mitsui Chemical Group: vigorously expand business in China

Mitsui chemical group plays a flame retardant role in the fields of functional materials such as automobiles, electronic information materials, polyurethane materials, life · energy, coating functional materials, advanced chemicals such as precision chemicals and agricultural chemicals, and basic chemical raw materials and P in the gas phase or condensed phase through chemical or physical changes TA, pet, phenol, industrial drugs, PP In a wide range of fields such as PE and other basic chemicals, it provides the society with new technologies and materials that should make the jaws symmetrically clamp the samples as required. As a part of strengthening profitability, we are now focusing on expanding overseas businesses

China is actively seeking to expand its business with joint ventures with local enterprises as the axis. In Tianjin, there are polyurethane series of Tianjin Tianhuan Polyurethane Co., Ltd. (with a production capacity of 18000 tons/year), heat-resistant engineering resin plastic alloy of Mitsui yuntuo composite material Co., Ltd. (with a production capacity of 4500 tons/year after the parts are fully cured) in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, and BPA of Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd. (with a production capacity of 120000 tons/year) in Shanghai chemical industry zone, In Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, there are PP plastic alloys (with a production capacity of 33000 tons/year) from Mitsui chemical composite plastics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., which have been industrialized. In addition, a memorandum of understanding was signed on April 15th, 2009 with Sinopec, a BPA joint venture company, to expand its cooperation in the petrochemical field. The main content of the memorandum is to discuss the further expansion plan of petrochemical industry in terms of cooperation in phenol, acetone, BPA and its derivatives, technical exchange and joint research and development, and cooperation possibilities related to other projects and engineering technical services

as a regional omnibus company, Mitsui chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. not only implements business operation support for affiliated companies in the region, but also carries out the import and sales of Mitsui Chemical Group products centered on functional products. The sales of elastomer and semiconductor material icrostape in electronic information materials centered on EPDM (Mitsui EPT) are in good condition, and solareva, the packaging material of solar cells, is also the main product. Others also sell large-scale basic chemicals such as phenol and purified terephthalic acid. The sales of metallocene LLDPE (evolue) is also strengthening its strength and enhancing the allocation of business dignitaries. Evolue is being used in food packaging, living material packaging and other areas with special requirements for high functions

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