Mitsui chemical announced the mid-term development

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Mitsui chemical announced its mid-term development goals for the fiscal year

it is reported that Mitsui chemical recently announced its mid-term development plan for the fiscal year, saying that Mitsui chemical will give priority to the main performance: each load can only reach a certain load, develop the coating and binder materials and Engineering plastics business, continue to expand investment in Asia, and strive to increase the sales revenue of these two businesses by 50% in fiscal year 2013 and double the sales volume by 2015

in the next three years, Mitsui chemical will invest billions of yen in infrastructure construction, including building a new plant in India, expanding the capacity of 50000 T/a non polyurethane products in Thailand by 50%, and the capacity of 10000 t/a polyurethane binder and coating plant in Tianjin. And continue to strengthen the marketing in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China. Mitsui chemical will continue to produce varieties of coatings, adhesives and injection molding plastics to meet the needs of users for special functional materials, including special isocyanates, olefin resins for automotive insurance without glass fiber reunion and protective coatings, as well as multi-layer bonding adhesives for solar cell backplane aluminum

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