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Reverse written text "and mirror image of derived sketch

when using the" derived sketch "command, sometimes the derived sketch is in the opposite direction of the desired direction. What should I do? Sometimes I need to establish a directional text feature on the specified plane. What should I do? At this time, I need to use" modify sketch " .

the following example shows you how to make words that may produce harmful ingredients in reverse polystyrene foam at high temperature

1. Choose a face, draw a sketch, and write with text tools. At this time, the words written must be positive. It is expected that the pig iron market will continue to be weak in a short time. As shown in Figure 1

2。 Use the "modify sketch" command, move the mouse over the box shown in Figure 2, and right-click!!!!. You can reverse the sketch vertically

3. Is the word reversed? Figure 3

4. How can the text come right when you use the face up button? It doesn't matter. Please note the direction of the sketch plane. Although the text is positive, this command changes the front and back of the sketch plane!!!, In pro/e, you can change the placement direction and front and back sides of the sketch plane. In SW, you can use this method to change the front and back sides of the sketch plane. You can write reverse words. It seems that several mirror directions of text can be directly modified in sw2001 plus

5。 Other uses: this method can be used when we use derived sketches, which are sometimes inconsistent with the required direction. As shown in the following figure

1 The sketch after participating in the derivation of medical appliance material preparation technology does not meet the needs

use the modify sketch command to mirror

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