Mitsui chemical has issued a three-year medium-ter

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Mitsui chemical issued a three-year medium-term business plan

Mitsui chemical recently issued a three-year medium-term business plan. In order to enhance profitability and achieve the goals of operating profit of 60billion yen and net profit of 30billion yen in fiscal 2016, the company will focus on the development of automotive functional resins and other businesses, and expand health care businesses such as glasses lens materials and dental materials

it is reported that in the six months of fiscal 2016, excellent products were recognized by customers. Of the operating profit target of JPY 0 billion, 50% were automotive functional resins and other products, and 25% were health care products with high temperature control accuracy. When working hard in the car, re tension the tensioning wheel; In the energy products business, the company is committed to developing metal and resin integrated parts. To this end, Mitsui chemical will invest 50billion yen of its 140billion yen investment in business growth

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