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Mitsui chemical's new high-performance polyurethane plant

Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd. recently held a construction ceremony for the new plant (2000 tons/year) in Okuda. The factory mainly produces new and advanced polyurethane elastomer: fortimo ™ And polyisocyanate: stabio ™。 The new plant is expected to officially start commercial operation in August 2016

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Mitsui chemical special isocyanate product fortimo ™ And stabio ™ It has set a precedent all over the world. In October, 2013, the company launched two special materials, which were highly praised by customers. After that, the company successfully expanded its market

Mitsui chemical will continue to promote the sales of two special materials and expand their application fields. What materials are used for the cylinder of Jinan assaying hydraulic universal testing machine, including other special isocyanate products, XDI (xylene diisocyanate) and nbdi ™ (camphene diisocyanate). At the same time, Mitsui chemical will also strengthen and promote the development of its coatings and functional materials business


1,4-h6xdi (1,4-Di (isocyanate radical should implement the regulations on optimizing the business environment methyl) cyclohexane) and polyurethane elastomer materials used in 1,4 − h6xdi


compared with existing isocyanate products, it has higher elasticity, durability and heat resistance

polyurethane elastomers (thermoplastic polyurethane and thermosetting polyurethane) have shorter molding time

do not turn yellow

they are mainly used in:

automotive elastic materials, elastic fiber clothing fabrics, medical tubes, high durability industrial materials, etc

■ STABiO ™

use PDI ™ (1,5-cyclopentane diisocyanate) polyisocyanate


compared with existing HDI products, the reaction activity is high

promote and enhance the chemical resistance and scratch resistance of paints and adhesives, with high gloss

no yellowing

contains 70% biomass

mainly used in:

automotive paint, plastic paint and adhesives, etc

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