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In order to be kind to "them" under the corporate financial crisis, I can't help myself in the workplace. The damn economic crisis suddenly hit, and so far it is still deep. This crisis has also made people in the workplace who are busy all day feel the cold of winter, the business of enterprises has declined, and profits have fallen sharply. Everyone strives to keep their food. Any mechanical system will become deformed after it is stressed, but the company's endless layoffs and salary cuts also make employees panic and lack a sense of security

in such a special period, how can employees regain confidence and overcome difficulties with the company? 51job experts believe that managers should start from their motivation if they want to motivate employees, and only what they think is the real motivation. Gather the strength of the team, and you can do well under the financial crisis

First: work together to advance and retreat, exchange information

the economic crisis has brought a panic, how can we motivate employees in daily work? As the head of a top 500 department, Amy has been thinking about this problem recently. Measures to mobilize enthusiasm in meetings have been taken, and cheering and caring for employees has become a "compulsory course", but many of her employees are still out of work. In fact, work itself is the best stimulant. Instead of letting employees guess the development prospects of the company, it is better to let employees focus on their work

51job experts believe that in the context of the economic crisis, supervisors should "advance and retreat together" with employees in their work, provide employees with more information and content needed in their work, and help them complete their work. These information and contents can be about the overall objectives of the company, the future development plan of the Department, and the problems that employees must focus on solving... Only by frankly exchanging these information with employees can they feel that they are also part of the business decision-making, and have a better understanding of the company's business strategy, so as to effectively, clearly and actively complete their work tasks. The supervisor should not only provide information to employees when formulating work tasks, but also continuously "exchange information" with employees in the process of work, and timely feed back the opinions put forward by employees. Employees' opinions can help the supervisor set better work goals

second: "listen" to employees' opinions and jointly participate in decision-making

listening is as persuasive as speaking. Many supervisors maintain their authority in their work. They seldom listen to employees' opinions. However, listening can bring more benefits to their work. Qiqi, a supervisor in a private enterprise, has a serious style. When the department meets, most of them are assigning tasks by themselves, and the employees are buried in memory. In a crisis, the psychological endurance of employees is more fragile, especially when two people leave the Department, the atmosphere is more dignified, and the task arrangement can not get good results. Qiqi is very upset about this

51job experts believe that managers like Qiqi should listen to employees' ideas more and let employees participate in making work decisions. There is no doubt that few people participate in discussing their own behaviors without being motivated. When supervisors and employees establish a mechanism of frank communication and two-way information sharing, the incentive effect derived from this joint participation in decision-making will be more significant

third: respect employees' suggestions and create a "communication" bridge

is it important for employees' suggestions? Many supervisors will feel important, but many times, employees' suggestions cannot be heard by supervisors. Xiao Yong, an employee of an enterprise, said, "our employees work in the front line. We will find many problems first, but it is difficult to report them to the supervisor." Therefore, a successful supervisor can only find ways to tell the employees' truth, so that the management of the Department can be targeted, and the decision-making mistakes caused by subjective arbitrariness can be avoided. There are many ways for supervisors to encourage employees to speak freely, such as opening employees, setting up suggestion boxes, holding group discussions, Department dinners, etc. However, 51job, an advanced technologist who originated in the United States and has been successfully used in North America and other regions for several decades, believes that no matter which way the supervisor chooses, he must allow employees to use these unimpeded channels of opinion to put forward their questions and suggestions, or get timely and effective replies

fourth: be a supervisor who "likes employees"

"there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's hearts". Different employees in the same job also have different motives and goals. As the core of the team, the supervisor must "cater to their preferences" according to the different characteristics of the employees in the Department, and seek the motivation that can stimulate them

51job experts believe that everyone has different motivations to be motivated. Therefore, the methods of rewarding outstanding work performance should also vary from person to person. As the sales director of a well-known foreign enterprise, Leo has deep experience: "For my employees, I will give different rewards according to their needs. For those employees who do solid work and silently serve customers, I will give more public praise to improve their sense of achievement; for those employees who are enterprising and brave to explore new projects, I will give more appreciation and spiritual encouragement; for those core backbones who have extensive relationships and excellent performance, I will give them good working conditions and Challenging work content. " Leo admitted that even now the financial crisis, his team's sales performance is still among the best in the company

fifth: interest is the teacher, giving employees more work opportunities

interest is the best teacher. Employees have their favorite work content, and supervisors give employees more opportunities to implement their favorite work content, which is also an effective way to motivate employees. For example, if a salesman likes to visit potential key customers, he may as well take over the work projects related to key customers

51job experts believe that new challenges at work will enable employees to inspire more potential. If employees are interested in the work content and the challenges brought by the work content, employees will be fascinated and give full play to their potential. ADA, the supervisor, was amazed at the role of this incentive. She assigned the tasks in the Department to interested employees by categories, and improved the challenge of the work content. "I thought they would not complete the task, but I was a little nervous. I didn't expect that the employees' performance was very good in the case of economic crisis!" ADA's words are full of surprises

sixth: "appreciation" is the best incentive

everyone is eager for applause and praise. Even a simple compliment will bring people incomparable warmth and excitement. A famous person once said, "everyone lives in applause. When a subordinate is affirmed and rewarded by his boss, he will work harder." Since praise can make employees more confident in themselves, love their work more, and encourage employees to improve the efficiency of solving such problems. As a supervisor, why not use this "weapon" which does not need cost incentives and has obvious effects, especially in the environment of economic crisis

praise to employees should also be timely and effective. When employees perform well, supervisors should immediately praise them to make employees feel appreciated and recognized by their superiors. In addition to oral appreciation, 51job experts believe that supervisors can also use different ways to praise employees, such as written praise, so that employees can feel the joy and motivation of praise for a long time; One on one appreciation of employees can improve their working mood; Public praise can accelerate employees' desire for success; The team can even hold a small celebration to boost the morale of the team

seventh: start with small things and understand the needs of employees

every employee will have different needs. If the supervisor wants to motivate employees, he should deeply understand the needs of employees and try to meet them as much as possible to improve the enthusiasm of employees. 51job experts believe that in the environment of economic crisis, satisfying employees should start with small things and details. AVA, who works in a listed company, did a good job. "The crisis is coming, and everyone is under great physical and mental pressure. There are many young people in the Department, so I often organize some activities they like to relax; for colleagues who are in poor health, I arrange flexible working hours for them to recuperate." Now Ava's Department atmosphere is very good. Although the work is tired, everyone is united and the performance is also impressive

eighth: let "performance" speak for the promotion of employees

at present, there are countless companies that promote employees according to "seniority". As the director of the marketing department of state-owned enterprises, Lina feels very deeply, "the promotion in state-owned enterprises mostly depends on seniority, which has little to do with the performance of employees, and the enthusiasm of employees is naturally not high." However, the adverse impact of the economic crisis on state-owned enterprises also makes Lina very anxious. 51job career experts believe that promoting employees by "seniority" does not encourage employees to create performance, and will make employees lazy. On the contrary, when supervisors use "performance speak" to promote employees with excellent performance according to performance, they can better achieve the purpose of encouraging employees to pursue excellent performance

ninth: those with ability get more. Give core employees a raise

"motivating employees without money" has become a popular saying under the economic crisis, but material incentives are still the main form of motivating employees. Salary can not only ensure the survival of employees, but also play an incentive effect because they have more talents. However, the fact that many companies have significantly reduced their expenses has objectively caused a lot of chaos affecting the healthy development of the industry, and the supervisor is more cautious about using salary increases to motivate employees

51job experts believe that the economic crisis does not mean that there is no salary increase, but that the requirement for salary increase is higher. The key depends on how much value employees can bring to the company. For the core talents who create high profits and develop profitable new projects for the company, salary increase incentive is essential

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