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Please don't ignore the project document management

over the years, I have experienced some information system implementation projects, large and small. Some of them are to assist others in the implementation of the project, including the quality of movable parts such as piston; One part is responsible for managing the implementation of the project, and the other part is to learn about the project implementation of others through various channels. In this process, I am also constantly thinking about some management problems. The implementation of information system is complicated. After so many years, I'm glad to have accumulated some successful experience. Another feeling is the joy and understanding of finding improvements again and again. Now I'll share some of my humble opinions on document management in the process of project management through this article

in the previous article on the whole process of information system project implementation and management, I also mentioned some content of document management. The purpose of writing this article is to express my understanding of document management in the process of project management in a more detailed manner

the importance of document management

for a long time, many people have said the importance of document management. The most familiar thing is that after the personnel change in the software project, the people behind cannot recognize the previous code, or the recognition cost is high. The fact is that even if the staff doesn't change and the time goes on, the writers at that time won't remember what the ideas were at that time, because time will kill some things, and everyone's ideas and thinking patterns are also changing

when a project organization communicates some ideas, due to different personal knowledge structures, different positions and other reasons, it will also lead to differences in the cognition of the final realization scheme of an idea, and the final implementation of the scheme will also be different. Through a written document, everyone's cognition can be formed into a unified cognition. 6. Most of the swing failure is the loose and unified cognition of the electromechanical belt, Reduce unnecessary communication barriers. At the same time, clear documents can also give participants more room to think

in order to achieve a good way of communication, we need all kinds of documents. In the actual project management process, there are indeed a large number of documents. Everyone thinks that documents are important, but when the real documents come, they start to worry, and they will unconsciously be a little bored and have no way to start. The process of making documents is hard, and even more troublesome. The original few words become extremely troublesome after having documents. They need to be well formatted and need the review and approval of different personnel, so it is inevitable to feel troublesome; After finishing the documents, I found that the usability was not as high as I thought, I didn't know where to find the documents I really wanted, different documents had different opinions, and so on, which made users a little helpless

maybe it confirms the saying that management comes to mind when things are done without a clue, and it is no exception for those various documents

the way of document management

in the process of document management, we need to grasp some important principles and methods, so that our documents can truly achieve our expected purpose

management of document templates

in the face of various complex documents, if they are various, each person's style will have an impact on aesthetics and readability, so it is necessary to suggest a set of document templates in the process of document management

when establishing a document template, some formats need to be required, and some basic elements need to be solidified into the document template to ensure that the content required by the document can be reflected in the document, such as the header and footer of the document, the change history of the document, the directory method of the document, the font of the document, etc

when creating documents, pay attention to the classification of documents. Various classifications have a clear definition, and users can clearly know which template to use in actual use. If you use the shared directory method to manage documents, you need to store templates in a folder directory that is relatively easy to find. If you use the information system method to manage templates, you'd better make a connection on the home page, or let users search quickly. When creating a classification, you need to include a common class, or public class, because in the actual use process, there will always be some new categories, and there will be some documents that cannot be classified. At this time, you can manage through the common class

users should be informed of changes to document templates in a timely manner, and version management should be done well

management of document directory

in order to find the required documents in the complex documents, it is necessary to establish a complete document directory system during document management, mainly including document index management and document classification management

before document management, it is necessary to establish a classification for different documents. It is suggested that different classifications can facilitate the search of documents, and different management requirements can be formulated for different classifications. In case of folder management, it is also necessary to arrange different folder contents and permissions. The former is used for peek film control with a thickness of less than 500um. Because of the particularity of folder management, attention should be paid to the simplification of permission management; If information system management is adopted, attention should be paid to the establishment of type coding system. A good document classification system can make it convenient for users to classify and search documents. In some management processes, document classification also needs to pay attention to the needs of archiving management

for documents, it is necessary to establish an index mechanism. The reason why the index mechanism is particularly proposed here is that in daily document use, many similar documents or similar content descriptions will be found. Because different writers will have some differences in the descriptions of some basic concepts or principles, an index is needed to clarify what is the most accurate, This is particularly important in the process of project management, because a project team often changes from time to time. Later, when facing multiple statements, it is difficult for people to know what is right. At the same time, some actual situations will also change, some statements also need to be corrected, and some previous documents cannot be corrected, so an index is also needed to clarify the correct statement at this time, This problem can also be improved through document version management. In addition, for those complicated documents, some are only transactional. Through an index, some key contents can be placed in a prominent position for easy retrieval and reading

whether in folder mode or information system mode, attention should be paid to the permission management of documents, especially for some archived documents to avoid incorrect modification or deletion of archived documents

naming rules for documents

various documents, if the names are diverse or the meaning of the names is vague, it will cause inconvenience in use and communication. It is necessary to establish an effective naming system

for the name of a document, first of all, it needs to be easy to identify the name. Some users don't pay much attention to the name of the document, and often directly use the default name of the document, or just a name of their own, the name of the project, etc. it is difficult for other users to identify the type of document

in the process of using a document, you can specify that the type of the document or some other keywords must be placed in some parts of the document, for example, the category of the document is required to be placed in the header of the file name, and for monthly documents, the header must be placed in a certain year, a certain month, and so on

for some documents with different versions, it can be required to manage them in different versions. The version number should be indicated in the document name. For some symbolic contents such as the final draft, some special marks can be added, so as to clarify their importance and authority

these methods will help the file name of the document to be neat and clear, and it is also more convenient for users to find it. In the process of interactive adjustment of documents, you can also add some date or modifier identification for transmission. The main purpose is to uniquely identify a document and reduce the obstacles to mutual communication

change management of documents

changes in documents during the use process are very flat push, which indeed supports common phenomena in theory. For changed documents, they need to be constrained by means. The most commonly used method is version management, and the formed documents should be archived and saved in time

when the document is changed, two points need to be achieved: first, the document has a clear change record, mainly for the changed parts, so that every user cannot read the document through after the document is changed; Second, the final version of the document should be easy to read. If the final version can only be known by looking at the change history, the use cost will be greatly increased

when a document is changed, it needs to be able to notify the relevant person through necessary ways, such as email notification or announcement notification, so as to avoid a large number of users using the old document after the new document is generated. In the actual operation environment, the method of signing and recycling important documents used by ISO9000 management is worth learning from. Of course, some other flexible methods need to be used to deal with some electronic documents

document review system

as a guiding document, many documents need to have a certain seriousness and authority, so it is necessary to review the documents

the review time of the document is generally when the document is established and changed, and the change of the scope of application of the document should also be reviewed as necessary. Through the review of documents, you can check whether there are wrong matters or some unreasonable matters. The writers and reviewers have different positions and knowledge structures, and have different perspectives and views on how to write a document. In the subsequent review process, you can correct the document well. At the same time, the review mechanism of documents can also clarify their respective positions


the implementation of information system is a responsible management process, which requires the cooperation of all aspects of management work. Documents, as an important basis for daily communication and the summary of work results, are particularly important. In the process of document management, we should not only pay attention to seriousness, but also pay attention to flexibility, and make it as convenient for users to use and communicate as possible on the basis of normal standardization, Improve use efficiency

document management is also an important part of other management work. Many large enterprises will have a special file management department to archive documents, which can fully reflect the importance of document management

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