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Energy saving technology gold medal? Please give it to Shanhe intelligent

since the beginning of the 21st century, the global air pollution problem has become increasingly serious. A large number of engineering machinery and equipment are facing increasing energy-saving and environmental protection market access pressure due to their high energy consumption and high pollution. Yan Geli, sales manager of Greater China in the Life Sciences Department of Lubrizol. In this context, Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanhe intelligent") is keenly aware of the development demand and trend of energy saving of construction machinery, and formally established the research route of hybrid technology of construction machinery in 2006, and carried out the research work of energy-saving technology of hydraulic excavator

as of 2016, Shanhe intelligent has undertaken and participated in seven national projects, including the national high technology research and development plan (863 plan) and the national science and technology support plan, and has become one of the first outstanding team members to undertake the National Hybrid construction machinery project. After more than ten years of dedicated technical research, it has obtained a number of authorized invention patents in key technical fields such as multi-source energy recovery and utilization system, new multi cylinder boom interactive drive and recovery energy-saving structure, flow self matching hydraulic module and potential energy recovery and utilization valve group core energy-saving components, and has constructed the corresponding core patent technology system. Energy saving does not include detergent and public water delivery facilities. The technology has been identified by Hunan Machinery Industry Association: "the overall technology of energy-saving excavators has reached the international advanced level, among which the energy recovery and utilization technology is at the international leading level"

in recent years, adhering to the leading innovation concept of the group company, Shanhe intelligent has given full play to the innovative advantages of the business platform, integrated, optimized and industrialized the achievement technology according to the actual use needs of market customers, and has successively launched a number of market-selling hybrid energy-saving excavator products

Shanhe intelligent hybrid hydraulic excavator

in 2010, Shanhe intelligent rolled off the production line of the first self-developed commercial oil electric hybrid excavator swe230shhybrid in China. This model applies the self-developed multi-source energy recovery and utilization management technology. In the typical working condition of excavating at a fixed point and rotating 90 degrees for loading, the energy recovered by the rotary brake is as high as 40% of the energy required for rotation, and the energy-saving effect of the whole machine is more than 20%, The working efficiency of the whole machine is effectively improved

Shanhe intelligent swe350es earthwork operation

in 2012, Shanhe intelligent offline the first 30 ton hydraulic hybrid excavator, which adopts the new three cylinder boom structure unique to Shanhe patent, and integrates the energy-saving technology of the technology research and development team in the recovery and utilization of boom potential energy and rotary kinetic energy energy, The energy-saving performance of the whole machine was tested by the national construction and urban construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center: "compared with the traditional model, under the same operating conditions, the fuel consumption of a single operation cycle is reduced by 18.2%, the excavation operation cycle is increased by 1 time, and the opacity and smoke of the tail gas are reduced by 58.0%

in 2014, after more than two years of on-site test and quality optimization and improvement, Shanhe intelligent officially released the new swe350es hydraulic hybrid excavator. 3. After the performance optimization and quality improvement of the production model of the test sample, the fuel saving efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 25%, which can save 200000 yuan of fuel consumption for customers every year, and was rated as "2014 Hunan Province 100 key new products"

Shanhe intelligent swe385es mine operation

in 2015, according to the actual use needs of mine customers, Shanhe intelligent synchronously launched a new product of swe385es hydraulic hybrid excavator. Once launched, this product has been greatly favored by customers, and has been used in large quantities in mining operations, with outstanding economic benefits. After customers' on-site measurement, the oil-saving efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 30%; After a year of customer use statistics, compared with other brand excavator products of the same tonnage, swe385es excavator products can save more than 300000 yuan of fuel consumption for customers every year, and the energy-saving effect is very significant. In the same year, swe385es hydraulic hybrid excavator products were evaluated by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and its subordinate branches, national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center and other parties, and won the "2015 China Construction machinery annual product Top50"

series of energy-saving excavators participated in domestic and foreign construction machinery exhibitions

series of energy-saving excavators have appeared in major global construction machinery exhibitions, and materials with injection molding characteristics: INTERMAT exhibition in Paris, France, Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany, CONEXPO exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, and domestic BICES exhibition in Beijing and Bauma exhibition in Shanghai. The appearance of products has received great attention, and domestic and foreign media have rushed to report, It fully affirmed the scientific research strength and innovation ability of Shanhe intelligence

it is reported that at present, Shanhe intelligent is actively carrying out the research and development of a series of hydraulic hybrid energy-saving excavators, developing new energy-saving structures and modular energy-saving systems for different tonnage products and applications, and is expected to achieve the full range coverage of 20 to 90 ton hydraulic hybrid excavator products by the end of this year

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