Please be kind to your baby in August

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Please be kind to your baby in August.

it's not easy to come in July. Look at the unpaid rent, utilities and empty wallet. Life is really lonely like snow. In the past July, it was like this:

the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees made Hangzhou seem to melt. Almost every day, an orange warning of high temperature could be received, and the ground temperature jumped up to 70 degrees from time to time, As soon as you go out, the whole person is like this:

pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is an ideal for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment. Let's share some functions and operating materials of China's conventional extruder and production line of hydraulic pressure testing machine.

it is reported that someone was scalded, scalded, injured by the high temperature on the ground due to a fall

(what else can I say...)

fortunately, July passed and August finally arrived. It is said that there will be a typhoon, and it is said that it will cool down. It is said that August will be cooler than July, which is better than July (anyway, I don't believe it). Hangzhou seems to be windy all year round, and there is a cooling Typhoon -

think about Hangzhou, which is windy 365 days a year. The experimental force that the sample can accept is as small as a few 10 centinium (such as spandex for textile), so the typhoon in August can be called great good news

in addition to the cooling of the typhoon in August, there is another major news - the China electromechanical Trade Expo has entered the state of preparation! From November 2 to November 4, 2017, the China electromechanical expo organized by electromechanical home will be held in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an area of 10000 square meters and nearly 400 exhibitors. At that time, there will be many media and tens of thousands of visitors. Do you want to book the exhibition booth and grab the exhibition quota in advance? You can sign up by poking below

China electromechanical Expo registration entrance:

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