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[seminar playback] build a cost-effective data acquisition system

Introduction to the meeting

data acceptance standards according to the relevant national identification standards, due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory, the acquisition technology is widely used in various engineering fields, from design and development, model verification, production and manufacturing, to condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and maintenance, etc. On the basis of meeting the needs of the project and facing many data acquisition equipment, how do you choose products with high quality and low price? How to quickly build a flexible and customized data acquisition system to reduce the workload of engineers? In addition, facing the thorny problems of wide temperature, high speed, portability and distribution of data acquisition system, what practical solutions are there? In order to discuss these common problems with you in depth, we will help you succeed in data acquisition and test and measurement applications by sharing pan China's experience and successful cases in the field of measurement and control in the past 16 years, combined with demo demonstrations close to practical applications

the lecture covers

data acquisition technology foundation and hardware selection, factors affecting the data acquisition system. Creep refers to materials under constant load and solutions, tricks to improve measurement accuracy, design of driving layer and interface interconnection of software platform How to use the advantages of software and hardware platform to build a humanized data acquisition system

case elaboration involves the typical application fields and characteristics of data acquisition system

mechanical condition monitoring, Selection of dynamic signal acquisition card and signal analysis algorithm

construction of large-scale synchronous data acquisition system

Key Technology Application in massive data sharing and mining

outfield data recording

drive development engineer

graduated from Northwestern Polytechnic University with a master's degree. At present, he is working as a drive development engineer of Beijing Pan China Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. In the past work, he also participated in the development of radar test project, Beidou navigation, Laser Strapdown autonomous navigation system and other projects, and has rich experience in project development

technical market engineer

graduated from Dalian University of technology with a master's degree. At present, he is the technical market engineer of Beijing Pan China Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the scheme design of many projects, such as automobile wheel speed sensor test system, distributed data acquisition and control system, which is basically consistent with the foreign requirements that the lower limit of measurement is more than 200 times the resolution, system development and debugging, and has rich project experience

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