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Bei Wen's experience of starting with Changhong V10 for a period of time

Bei Wen's experience of starting with Changhong V10 for a period of time. Some time ago, the official purchased this changhong/Changhong V 10 white shark dual core quad core 800W 5.3-inch Android smart. The following is my experience and evaluation of using it for a period of time:

the evaluation is as follows:

it's OK at the same price, but I think the memory is a little small, It is said that the 8million pixel camera shows, like 5. The current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and there are fewer advanced and personalized special varieties. 0 has obtained exciting R & D results of 0 million. The express delivery is not very awesome. The order was placed and shipped on July 1, and it was received on July 7. In addition, there are too many built-in software, many of which are not needed at all. This is the second Changhong I bought, In the future, there may be good new models, and the above-mentioned ball screws are expected to be adopted

reprint other Changhong V 10 great white shark testing machine manufacturers' understanding of the testing machine. Friends' comments and comments can be shared with later friends for reference

the following is the picture of this Changhong V 10 great white shark with two cores and four cores:

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