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Shell released the process oil risella x

(Guangzhou, May 20, 2013). Recently, at the Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Guangzhou, shell released a new process oil series risella x applied to the rubber and plastic polymer industry. This series of products are developed by shell natural gas to liquid (GTL) technology, which can improve the physical and mechanical properties of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in the rubber and plastic polymer industry, and enhance melt fluidity, elasticity and color stability. The continuous development of GTL technology and the successful release of the new process oil series product resilla X may lead to changes in the rubber and plastic polymer industry. At this Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, shell also exhibited other industrial lubrication and maintenance products and technical service solutions suitable for the rubber and plastic polymer industry, such as shell Tellus series hydraulic oil, shell Omala industrial gear oil and shell Gadus grease

the launch of risella x, a new GTL process oil series, brings together shell's in-depth exploration of customer needs and its continuous pursuit of cutting-edge technology over the years. Victoria guy, general manager of shell global process oil, said at the media communication meeting that shell was the first fortune 500 enterprise in 2012. As a traditional energy and chemical enterprise, shell has extraordinary innovation ability and aims to become the most creative and competitive energy company in the world. According to the latest Fortune magazine ranking of the most respected innovative enterprises, shell ranks fifth, comparable to apple, Amazon, Google and other companies. Shell's R & D achievements in GTL technology well reflect this. Shell firmly believes that only by constantly exploring and innovating can we help users navigate the challenges in the increasingly competitive future

shell released risella x

at the media communication meeting, Ms. Zhu Jingjie, director of Shell China industrial lubricant marketing department, Mr. Wei Yubo, general manager of shell Northeast Asia process oil sales, and Mr. Wang Liping, technical manager of shell Asia Pacific process oil, shared with the media the Shell China business, the development status and prospects of shell process oil in China, and the technical characteristics of shell process oil. Especially in the technical aspect, Mr. Wang Liping deeply interpreted the application prospect of GTL technology and risella x process oil series products in the rubber and plastic polymer industry. He pointed out that, on the one hand, compared with the traditional base oil, the base oil refined by GTL technology has very high purity and its appearance is as clean as water. On the other hand, the process oil products made from it also have excellent physical and chemical properties. Risella x is an excellent representative of GTL technology products. Filling it into thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) can improve its physical and mechanical properties and reduce production costs

risella x brings innovation to users in shell rubber and plastic polymer industry. Klenberg, the world's leading manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers, commented on risella X: a challenge many companies have been facing is to improve operational efficiency on the one hand, and continue to improve product quality on the other. To meet this challenge, we have developed a new thermoplastic elastomer product. The successful development of this new product benefits from the close cooperation of shell. We have adopted a new raw material to improve the product. This new raw material is the advanced new process oil series shell risella X

gtl is a technological innovation achieved in nearly 40 years driven by shell. This technology can help to use clean natural gas to produce base oil that can be used to produce high-quality finished lubricating oil and process oil on a large scale. Fischer Tropsch synthesis, the basic process used in the natural gas oil production process, was developed by German scientists in the 1920s, and then improved by shell based on its own proprietary technology

the unveiling of the mysterious veil of GTL technology will bring the energy field into a new stage of development and create richer and longer-term value for customers. After the official launch of the new process oil series product risella X in the rubber and plastic polymer industry, it will also gradually move towards more industrial industries. Its excellent performance will not only bring customers more purchasing options, but also make it possible for their product innovation and upgrading

about shell

shell is the world's top 500 international energy and chemical group, the world's largest supplier of finished lubricants, accounting for about 13% of global sales, and has been the world's first lubricant supplier for six consecutive years. Its business in China includes upstream oil and gas development and LNG business, downstream oil and chemical business, and project and Technology Department (Shell Global Solutions department and coal gasification business). It is one of the largest international energy companies investing in China. At the same time, shell fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance and has strong research and development ability for many years. There are 8 professional oil research and development laboratories all over the world. Please visit for details

about natural gas to liquid (GTL) technology

gastoliquid (GTL) technology is to convert natural gas into liquid hydrocarbons through chemical reaction, such as kerosene, diesel oil and wax. According to the design of the device, the whole process can produce fuel oil and base oil with or without base oil mode according to the changes of the market. GTL technology is made by adjusting the molecular chain of natural gas through chemical methods, and then oiling natural gas through a series of complex processes. It can not only complete the transportation at normal temperature, but also greatly improve the cleanliness. Compared with petrochemical diesel, GTL's carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions are relatively low

shell group invests about US $1billion annually in research and development. Especially in GTL, shell has 40 years of development experience. From the test device of shell R & D center in Amsterdam in 1970 to Bintulu plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, which was the first GTL commercial operation in the world in 1992, to the world's largest GTL pearl project in raslafan, Qatar, which was successfully operated in 2011

about process oil

process oil refers to mineral oil with an initial boiling point higher than 180 ℃. It is usually used as an important part of product formula or as an auxiliary in the production process, which has an important impact on product performance and processing technology. Its excellent performance not only brings customers more purchasing options, but also makes it possible for their product innovation and upgrading. GTL process oil is widely used, such as optical fiber and cable filling ointment, chemical fiber oil and leather fatliquoring agent, thermoplastic elastomer, medicine and cosmetics, pesticides, etc. In the rubber and plastic polymer industry, there are different versions of process oil, including filling oil, operating oil, rubber oil, etc

about thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a material widely used in the rubber and plastic polymer industry. It has the properties of safety, environmental protection, non toxicity, wide hardness range, good coloring, soft touch, excellent weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and has the high strength, high resilience and injection molding processing of rubber; Because this material has superior processing performance and does not need vulcanization, Solvay materials and market experts will discuss the latest R & D trend of the automotive and transmission industry with industry professionals from all over greater China. 1 secondary injection molding, coating and bonding with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and other matrix materials, and recycling to reduce costs

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