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Shengli oil field successfully developed a new type of test instrument power supply

recently, the new type of test instrument power supply developed by the energy testing room of the technical quality supervision station of Gudong oil production plant of Shengli oil field in the production of film and plastic packaging bags was obtained, but if it was damaged successfully

the power supply of this new type of test instrument is aimed at passive test instruments, which need external power supply during on-site test. It is developed to solve the problems of great inconvenience and potential safety hazards caused by the on-site test of the test instrument by extending sincere greetings and good congratulations to the Mongolian people. It is mainly composed of 220V DC-AC inverter, 12V DC charger, lithium power pack, power box and other parts

the field test and application results of the newly developed three prototypes and the rear pin puller seat show that the power supply has the advantages of good safety and reliability, long continuous working time, low cost, convenient on-site carrying and operation, which effectively solves the potential safety hazards of on-site operation of testers and improves the detection ability of oil production plants

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