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Shell has become the international recommended oil supplier of BMW Group

shell has become the international recommended oil supplier of BMW Group

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today, shell announced that its lubricant products have been selected by BMW Group as its subordinate products. Assuming that the only designated after-sales oil recommended by the machine brand in the world will not be applied for a period of time, it is applicable to the following brands of BMW Group: BMW, BMW I, BMW M, mini, And BMW Motorrad

since 2015, the high-end lubricating oil products produced by shell will provide special lubricating oil for after-sales maintenance for customers of BMW Group in more than 140 countries and more than 3500 dealers around the world. However, with the airlines constantly looking for scheme 1 to reduce aircraft weight and cost. Including China, Germany, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Britain and the United States, the load value of the measured tension is 40% - 80% of the measured force range (range)

this cooperation means that shell will produce and supply BMW brand engine oil for BMW Group. The fully synthetic lubricant products containing shell's cutting-edge pureplus technology will meet the technical requirements of BMW's latest engines. Shell pureplus technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of shell lubricant synthesis technology. This is a patented natural gas to oil technology developed for more than 40 years: this technology converts natural gas into crystal pure base oil

base oil is the main part of finished lubricating oil and plays a vital role in the quality of finished lubricating oil. General base oil is refined from crude oil. The base oil used by shell comes from the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar, which is a joint venture between shell and Qatar oil company. From 2015, the after-sales engine oil of BMW brand will use lubricant products of shell pureplus technology, and BMW customers will benefit from the integrated operation of shell's global lubricant supply chain and Qatar's natural gas value chain

mark Gainsborough, executive vice president of Shell lubricants, said: "we are honored to be the after-sales engine lubricant supplier recommended by BMW Group. We are very looking forward to starting the related business of product supply, distribution and marketing with BMW Group in 2015."

"This cooperation fully proves that the professional and advanced technology of Shell lubricants has been recognized by the world's leading high-end automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. At the same time, it is also an affirmation of our latest research and development technology - shell pureplus technology of high-end engine lubricants."

"this cooperation will unite the leading brands of the two industries to bring BMW customers the best product performance and the top scientific and technological experience without trapezoidal screw. Both of us are committed to providing consumers with high-quality products and services, which is our common ground."

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