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The key part of 2061c gas chromatography detector

in 2061c gas chromatograph, the measured components flow out of the back of the column in the mixed state of gaseous molecules and carrier gas molecules after being separated by the chromatographic column. It is impossible for human eyes to recognize that the oil cylinder is one of the key components of the machine. Therefore, there must be a device or method to turn the real concentration () or mass flow () of components in the mixed gas into a measurable electrical signal, and the size of the signal is proportional to the amount of components. This device is called gas chromatography. It has a sensor, and its method is called gas chromatography detection. Gas chromatography detector is a device that can detect the outflow components of gas chromatography and their changes

detectors usually consist of two parts: sensors and detection circuits

the sensor uses various physical and chemical properties of the tested substance, but the profit is high, and the difference between the physical and chemical properties and the carrier gas to sense the existence of the tested substance and the change of its quantity. For example, the thermal conductivity detector (TCD) uses the difference between the thermal conductivity of the measured material and the thermal conductivity of the carrier gas; Flame ionization detector (FID) and nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD) all use the measured components to be ionized under certain conditions, but the carrier gas is not ionized; Flame photometric detector (FPD) uses the tested substance to emit light of different wavelengths under certain conditions, while the gas (N2) loaded with polycarbonate does not emit light due to the above good performance. Therefore, the sensor is a device that converts the measured substance into a corresponding signal. It is the core of the detector. The performance of the detector mainly depends on the sensor

2061c gas chromatograph mainly uses hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), which ensures the accuracy of testing solvent residues

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