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Shell Jinba helps Angang Steel automobile transportation reduce costs and increase efficiency

Guide: promoting development and bringing new opportunities through system transformation is known as the cradle of China's steel industry. Anshan Iron and steel Jisida recommends reason: meeting all standards of waterproof coiled materials. The company is the first large-scale steel complex group and the first steel production base to be built after the founding of new China, which can be called the heart of China's steel industry. And Angang Auto Transportation

promote development and bring new opportunities by restructuring

known as "the cradle of China's iron and steel industry", Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation is the first large-scale iron and steel complex to resume construction and the first steel production base to be built after the founding of new China, which can be called the heart of China's iron and steel industry. The transportation of Angang automobile transportation Co., Ltd. is like a starry blood vessel, which transports nutrients to all parts of the country

the predecessor of Angang Steel automobile transportation is the automobile team of the Ministry of transportation of Angang Steel, which was founded in 1948. After two expansion in 1953 and 1978, it was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Angang Group in 1999, and then transformed into a limited company in 2005. Angang automobile has developed graphene from the earliest 13 employees and 7 vehicles. Graphene is a single-layer graphite. Now it has nearly 4000 employees, with a total asset of 456million yuan, more than 1300 transportation equipment and engineering vehicles, and an annual transportation volume of 58million tons. It is a professional large metallurgical road transportation enterprise

the Mercedes Benz Actros 3340 used by Angang Steel automobile transportation Co., Ltd. sunshine power 2 is unprecedented. In 2008, Angang Steel automobile transportation Co., Ltd. successively absorbed the strategic investment of the port group and the international economic and trade company of Angang Group, which are engaged in the business of ordinary plastic experimental machines with small tonnage, and ushered in an unprecedented stage of development. In May of the same year, the Bayuquan branch of Anshan Iron and steel automobile transportation Co., Ltd. was put into operation, covering an area of 60000 square meters, with more than 1000 employees. It has three transportation fleets, two automobile repair plants and a logistics warehouse, which organically combines the functions of transportation, storage and distribution, and provides transportation services for the production and life of the Bayuquan branch of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

the unprecedented development has also brought new challenges to Anshan Iron and steel automobile transportation. In the "12th Five Year Plan", energy conservation and emission reduction have become the top priority. How to save funds and costs and reduce carbon emissions in the new era of rapid business development has become a new challenge for Anshan Iron and steel automobile

cost reduction and efficiency increase, cost efficiency

on April 12, 2012, Angang auto transportation held a "cost reduction and efficiency increase measures promotion meeting". Li Lujian, chairman of the company, put forward requirements and measures for cost reduction and efficiency increase to the whole company, and implemented the indicators to each specific business category. Lubricant is one of the most important maintenance products of transportation enterprises. The 2012 lubricant plan index formulated by the company is 15% lower than that in 2011. This requires not only to reduce the total cost of lubricating oil procurement, but also to ensure that vehicles can work efficiently and normally while reducing the amount of lubricating oil used, without causing damage to vehicle parts

"the fleet began to use shell Jinba R6 LM fully synthetic lubricant in the second half of 2010. The most important consideration is that compared with the same grade of lubricant used before, shell Jinba R6 LM fully synthetic lubricant has the characteristics of low price, excellent quality and high cost performance." Minister Wang, who is in charge of automotive technology of Angang automobile transportation company, told me in an interview, "in the past, when our Mercedes Benz cars used other brands of lubricating oil, they needed to change the oil every 60000 kilometers. After using shell Jinba R6 LM, it was also changed every 60000 kilometers. The operating condition remained the same, but the price of lubricating oil was reduced by 20%. The cost was reduced, and the profit naturally increased."

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