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Shell wants to sell 75% of the equity of unified lubricants

informed sources said that Royal Dutch Shell Group will sell all the equity of unified lubricants China Co., Ltd., a joint venture in China, and is seeking a buyer to take over. It is estimated that the bidding price is us $350million to US $500million, while shell paid a purchase price of 1.5 billion yuan in that year

at present, shell holds 75% equity of unified lubricants. After eight years of high-level blood exchange and continuous loss of sales channels, the operating performance of uni president lubricants did not meet expectations. Against the backdrop of the sharp fall in oil prices, shell is starting to sell its assets deployed around the world

previously, a person in charge of an exploration company under PetroChina revealed that the company was responsible for the drilling business of shell's shale gas project in Sichuan. However, the project has not progressed since last year, and the relevant investment has not been in place. "It may be to withdraw," the person said. Analysts said that the oil price will bring huge pressure on Shell's performance, and BASF's cooperation with Chinese cathode material enterprises is also accelerating. Shell's management is trying to raise funds and divest assets to improve the return on investment

unified lubricant was founded in 1994. China's exports have been seriously affected by foreign markets. In 2002, its sales exceeded 600million yuan, making it a rising figure among private lubricant manufacturers. In the past 20 years, huozhenxiang, a vegetable farmer, has worked hard from a small shop specializing in lubricants to a nationally renowned enterprise. At its peak, uni president Petrochemical had 2000 dealers and 90000 retailers nationwide, once accounting for 10% of the national lubricant market share. However, the monopoly of domestic oil refining has limited the rapid growth of unified lubricants. Therefore, the management of the company headed by founder huozhenxiang hopes to achieve curve expansion through foreign-funded enterprises

in September 2006, shell purchased all the shares of "Xiangjia International Investment Holding Co., Ltd." with "Shell China Holdings private Co., Ltd." which owns 75% of the shares of "Beijing unified Petrochemical Co., Ltd." and "unified Petrochemical (Xianyang) Co., Ltd.". Shell became the owner of Beijing Uni president Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and established a joint venture, shell uni president (Beijing) Petrochemical Co., Ltd

however, the performance of shell uni president is far lower than expected, which may be the main reason for shell to sell this asset. Due to the differences in cultural background and management style, this joint venture was not pleasant, and a large number of unified management resigned. The leadership team parachuted by shell was also unable to show their strength because of different management methods. When shell uni president was established in 2006, the annual sales volume of uni president lubricants was about 300000 tons, about 30% higher than the sales volume of Shell lubricants in China; Eight years later, the sales volume of unified lubricants remained at about 300000 tons, about 65% of shell's sales volume in China

Royal Dutch Shell Group is one of the largest oil companies in the world at present. Its headquarters are located in the Hague in the Netherlands and London in the United Kingdom. It is formed by the merger of Royal Dutch oil and shell in the United Kingdom. It is a major international producer of petroleum and natural gas that has achieved a virtuous cycle of resource utilization and petrochemical industry. It is also the world's largest retailer of automotive fuel and lubricants

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