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Shenghang company: calmly respond to the challenges of diversified production

shenghang company: calmly respond to the challenges of diversified production

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Guide: flexible, accurate and fast, which is an important standard to determine whether a mechanical processing enterprise undertaking small and medium-sized batch production tasks can gain a foothold in the industry. In Xi'an shenghang CNC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shenghang company), with the help of 6 demaji machine tools in the workshop, the company's overall supply capacity has been greatly improved

flexibility, accuracy and speed are important criteria to determine whether a machining enterprise undertaking small and medium-sized batch production tasks can gain a foothold in the industry. In Xi'an shenghang Numerical Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shenghang company"), with the help of 6 demaji machine tools in the workshop, the overall supply capacity of the standard company for the classification of the combustion performance of building materials and products in China has been greatly enhanced, and it has become calm and comfortable in dealing with the diversified production tasks of emergency supply requirements

when asked about the advantages of shenghang company, general manager Wang Chun first mentioned the organic combination of various factors: high quality, high precision, high reliability and strong supply capacity of workpiece processing. Today, shenghang company has more than 60 employees, mainly providing various customized processing services for the automotive and medical device fields, and hundreds of different batches of workpieces are processed every year. "For us, diversified production tasks have always been the main problem faced by the company in its development. However, since we used demaji machine tools, such problems have no longer become our concern. Demaji machine tools have given us processing capacity that cannot be underestimated."

the cornerstone of building a diversified production matrix

in shenghang company, people trust demaji machine tool very much, not only because of its excellent processing performance, but also because it is the cornerstone of building a diversified production matrix of shenghang company

eight years ago, Wang Chun and his team established shenghang company on the basis of a tertiary industry service agency of an enterprise in Xi'an, and began the process of making a living by themselves. At the beginning of its establishment, shenghang company's business positioning was very clear, that is, it actively declared the national torch base for cars and passed the on-site acceptance; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center has officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions, and enterprises in the medical device industry provide high-quality spare parts processing services. However, this road encountered many difficulties at the beginning

"as far as our own technical strength is concerned, it is not difficult to complete the production task with quality and quantity guaranteed, but it must be completed on the delivery date." Referring to the difficulties when starting a business, Wang Chun was filled with emotion. "At that time, we only had a few ordinary machine tools. Because the workpieces processed each time were different, we needed to reconsider the processing technology, and the quantity fixtures also needed to be remade. The production preparation time alone accounted for more than 1/3 of the whole delivery period, which brought us heavy production pressure. We realized that we must have more advanced machine tools."

meeting the production demand of diversified workpieces is an important factor that urges shenghang company to make up its mind to purchase new machine tools. Demaji machine tools are also the first to enter Wang Chun's sight at this time. "In fact, when we first went to dmJ machine tool to see it, we were more influenced by our surrounding friends." Wang Chun said frankly, "at that time, many enterprises in Xi'an have adopted demaji machine tools, and the use evaluation is also very high. In addition, we believe that we can buy the best machine tools as soon as we buy them. Machine tool manufacturers of big brands pay more attention to their own image, and also invest a lot in product quality, after-sales service and so on."

"when we actually came into contact with demaji machine tool, we found that this is the machine tool we want." The first cooperation between shenghang company and demaji successfully exceeded the severity of oil leakage in the oil circuit system. It is important to check whether the oil pipe is broken. It took less than half a month from the contact to the final signing of the order. "When DMC 63 V is in place, whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely, we immediately feel that the production pressure is reduced a lot at once, and many tasks that we didn't dare to take before can be easily handled." According to Wang Chun, the performance of DMC 63v machine tool is perfect. "The processing accuracy is high and the stability is good. The most important thing is that its production preparation time is greatly shortened. It can complete all kinds of basic processing perfectly without re customizing the work fixture. Even for workpieces with great differences, it only takes a short time to make a reasonable process flow. It fully meets our need to change processing tasks frequently and saves us a lot of equipment investment costs."

with the increase of orders and the diversification of products ordered by customers, shenghang's production task has become more arduous. Every machine tool has to operate 24 hours a day, and any time delay may cause great losses to shenghang company. This not only puts forward higher requirements for the stability of machine tools, but also puts on the agenda the purchase of new machine tools and the further expansion of production capacity. Demaji's machine tool operates very stably and rarely fails, which can meet the increasingly heavy processing tasks of shenghang company. Now, demaji's two vertical machining centers DMC 63 V, one vertical machining center DMC 635 V Eco, one turning machining center CTX 310 eco and two five axis machining centers DMU 60 monoblock have settled in shenghang company. These machine tools have a common feature, that is, they can calmly deal with diversified production tasks

improve rapid response ability

shenghang company is committed to meeting the customized needs of users. Companies serving in this field need to distinguish differences through their professional skills. Therefore, it is far from enough to only provide high-quality products, and they also need to have rapid response ability

customization not only means the variety of processed products, but also the tight delivery time has brought great challenges to shenghang's rapid response ability, and ensuring the time node has become a key element of attention. "Every processing task sent by users has strict time limits, which requires us to complete it within the specified date, which puts forward higher requirements for machine tools." Mayong'an, the technical director of shenghang company, explained, "fortunately, demaji machine tool is very easy to use and plays a crucial role in our response to diversified production tasks."

referring to the superior performance of demaji machine tool, Ma Yongan looks a little excited. He believes that the processing spindle power equipped with demaji machine tool is high, the spindle speed is generally above 8000r/min, the processing efficiency is high, and the processing time is shortened; The self-contained tool magazine can put down all the tools used for machining, take them out automatically, and install them accurately and firmly on the spindle of the machining center, shortening the tool change time; Most workpieces can complete all processing procedures of workpieces in one clamping, which shortens the time of auxiliary tooling. "In this way, no matter how to change the type of processing workpiece, you only need to set a new processing program, which greatly reduces the auxiliary working time of tooling and tool change, and the utilization rate of the machine tool is very high."

before, shenghang company had to finish the processing of multiple surfaces by constantly clamping the workpiece when processing complex boxes, so it needed to use auxiliary fixtures to clamp the workpiece, and with the change of workpiece size, it also needed to customize different fixtures, which not only affected the efficiency of processing, but also brought great cost pressure. Not only that, repeated clamping also causes large repeated positioning errors, and the final accuracy of the product will also be affected

now, with the newly added DMU 60 monoblock, shenghang company can complete multi-faceted processing at one time, which not only saves the auxiliary clamping time, but also reduces the total processing time by at least two-thirds, and greatly improves the production efficiency

"we adopted this machine tool processing method one year ago, and now it has proved that this decision is correct." For this five axis machining center, Ma Yongan explained in summary: "By using this new type of machining center, we can use only one set of fixtures to completely process the hexahedral box with complex shape with high precision. In addition to the straight holes with high requirements for coaxiality, there are many inclined holes with different angles on this box, and the coaxiality of the holes can be maintained within 2 microns. For example, when processing the circular arc surface and various inclined surfaces of the antenna shell, we used to need to design and manufacture many auxiliary tooling, but now we only need to It can be completed at one time, which reduces a lot of costs and manpower. "

for a long time, shenghang company has never stopped looking for solutions to diversified production, hoping to get the best technical data, the highest reliability, the shortest production cycle and, of course, the lowest investment cost in production. These are undoubtedly perfectly reflected in demaji machine tools. Demaji machine tools, including DMU 60 monoblock, have brought great benefits to shenghang company: reducing preparation time, improving productivity, improving product quality, reducing unit cost, and finally helping them calmly cope with the challenges of diversified production

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