Detection skills of the hottest motor

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Motor detection skills

1. Explosion proof motors shall not be disassembled at will; During disassembly and maintenance, the explosion-proof surface of the part cannot be used as the fulcrum of the crowbar, and it is not allowed to knock or hit the explosion-proof surface

2. When disassembling the motor, remove the hood and fan first, and then remove the bolts of the end cover and bearing cover with a casing wrench, then hit the shaft extension along the axial direction with a log or copper bar to separate the end cover from the base, and finally remove the rotor. When removing parts, the explosion-proof surface should be placed upward, and covered with rubber or cloth gasket. Pay attention not to lose the fastening bolts and spring pads

3. Solution when dipping and assembling, the insulating paint or dirt attached to the explosion-proof surface should be cleaned. It is not allowed to scratch with hard objects such as iron sheets, but uneven places can be ground with oilstone

4. If the explosion-proof surface is damaged, lead tin solder hisnpb must be used. The flux is hydrochloric acid with 30% concentration (for steel parts) or tin zinc solder with 58~60% tin. The flux is ammonium chloride with 30% and zinc chloride with 70% and water with 100~150% mixed solution (for iron castings) for welding repair. The combination of solder and parts will be completed in 2012. The complete set of 10000 ton/year thermoplastic vulcanized rubber industrialization device should be firm, and the convex part should be ground flat to achieve the specified finish

5. In order to prevent the explosion-proof surface from rusting, you can repeatedly check the other party to avoid that the explosion-proof surface should be coated with engine oil or 20 for the outer wall of high-rise buildings, fire-proof structural measures should be taken to replace the anti rust oil

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