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Shengxi'ao magnum ABS resin develops new applications of 3D printing

Beijing, July 14, 2017 - shengxi'ao (nyse: TSE), a global manufacturer of plastics, latex adhesives and synthetic rubber materials, explores new applications of materials: cooperates with advanc3d materials, a famous German 3D printing company, to provide raw materials for the company's 3D printing filiform materials

3d printing market is developing rapidly. At present, plastics occupy the largest share in the global 3D printing material market. This time, the business department of Cen Shimao (customer essential market) cooperated with advanc3d materials to provide materials for 3D printing, including magnum ABS resin and medical grade resin, emerge pc/abs advanced resin. Shengxiao can provide reels of filamentous materials with diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm commonly used in 3D printing

shengxiao material can support 3D printing raw materials with stronger performance, not only because it has the excellent flexibility required by 3D printing materials, but also because the new policy of new energy vehicle subsidy in early 2017 has not been introduced yet, which can meet the different needs of different industries for 3D printing products, Including:

biocompatibility for the medical industry

European and American food exposure regulations to be complied with by the food packaging industry

flame retardancy required by a variety of markets Matte and high gloss

Yang Bing, product and market manager of shengxi'ao CEM, said: "3D 4. Chemical composition printing is the development trend of science and technology in the future. It can quickly make complex and unique parts at a lower cost, and we rely on the PLM system of the whole life cycle of products for highly customized small-scale production. Especially in the field of medical equipment, using 3D printing technology can manufacture complex medical equipment without the need for any specific production equipment. To achieve the advantage of low cost and high efficiency is Sheng Xiao The development direction of 3D printing materials in the future. "

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