The hottest Thai rubber supply will peak in August

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Thai rubber supply will peak in August

exporters and analysts said on Monday that as rubber supply will peak in August, Thai rubber prices may decline by 20%, but strong overseas demand and high crude oil costs will curb the decline

after the suspension of rainfall this month, rubber farmers in the southern part of the country began to cut rubber again. Exporters said that the supply will peak in August, but observing the overall supply situation in 2008, the output is not very bright. The Ministry of agriculture of Thailand previously estimated that the rubber output in 2008 was 3.1 million tons, but traders and exporters estimated that it was 2.9 million tons. Because the wet season lasted longer than expected, the rubber cutting work in May and June was interrupted: Jinan experimental machine factory returned to room temperature

it is expected that the price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film (uss3) will fall to 80 baht (US $2.4) per kilogram in August to ensure safety. No. 3 smokeless film is the raw material of No. 3 cigarette adhesive (RSS3), an export grade rubber from Thailand

an economist from the International Rubber Association, which is jointly established by the major rubber producing countries Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, said that the rubber price is expected to decline, but it will not be as low as THB 60 ~ THB 70 seen in the past few years. The rising cost of crude oil may help the Thai rubber price to remain above 80 baht per kilogram for the rest of this year

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