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Textile Science and technology elites gathered at the International Forum on Textile Science and technology

recently, 15 renowned textile scientists and some domestic textile experts from around the world gathered in Wuhan Textile University to participate in the two-day 2010 International Forum on Modern Textile Technology (ifatex)

at the meeting, Sima asvadi, Professor of Philips high tech park in the Netherlands, gajanan bhat, director of the nonwovens Research Laboratory at the University of Tennessee, Keith Cowlishaw, Dean of the school of clothing and textiles at the Royal University of Melbourne, Australia, Ian Hardin, President of the high precision fiber and dimension Association of Georgia, USA, Qiu Yiping, Dean of the school of textiles at Donghua University, China Tong Lin, associate professor of the materials and fiber innovation center of Deakin University in Australia, Takeshi kikutani, fiber and polymer magazine of Tokyo Polytechnic University in Japan, raechel Laing, director of the clothing and textile center of Otago University in New Zealand, Tao Xiaoming, chief professor of textile discipline of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, Toshihiro Hirai, Dean of the school of textile science and technology of Shinshu University in Japan, delivered keynote speeches respectively, In addition, North Korea has made efforts to improve the localization proportion of decoration materials, and discussed topics such as functional textiles, textile Electromechanical, fiber technology, new material science, etc. Wang Xun, a "Chutian scholar" in Hubei Province and a professor at Deakin University in Australia, believes that this high-level academic exchange is of great benefit to the upgrading of China's textile industry

Shang Gang, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhan Textile University # Jinan gold testing hammer handle strength, said that the holding of this forum fully shows that the proofreader attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation

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