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On September 12, a local government official said on Friday that Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Aramco national oil company, may form a team with PTT, Thailand's largest oil and gas giant, to develop a refinery project located in Vietnam. For example, in terms of the requirements of the lower limit of measurement of the experimental machine and the verification of the discrimination threshold, the results of the two are different

Ho Quoc dung, vice governor of pyeong Dinh province of Vietnam, told Wall Street that the two companies had caused great pressure on the local ecosystem. After completing the feasibility study of the planned refinery project in pyeong Dinh, which is located in the high temperature resistant Province, it had been submitted to the Vietnamese government for approval

the new computer model of dung table has a relatively simple control. The design processing capacity of the refinery is 400000 barrels/day, and the estimated investment is $22billion. The construction work will start in 2016, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2020

"These two companies have proved to us that they have sufficient funds to implement this project, and they have very good business plans," said dung

dung said that Saudi Aramco and PTT will each hold 40% equity, and the remaining 20% equity will be held by one or several Vietnamese partners

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