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Thailand paint market analysis

according to the recent analysis of London Market Research Institute IRL, the total volume of Thailand paint market in 2005 was about 415000 tons, while before 2010, the average annual growth rate of the market was 6%, and reached 557300 tons in 2010

the government's investment in many fields will be the main driving force for the development of Thailand's paint market, including the Thai government's decision to invest trillions of baht in the construction and renovation plan of buildings and infrastructure. The field of decorative coatings, which accounts for a large part of the total market, has been changing, and the mainstream products of decorative coatings for the retail market are changing from high-grade to medium-grade or economic. Automotive OEM coatings will be the market with the most growth potential in Thailand in the future, because the annual growth rate of its automotive industry will reach 20% in the next five years. However, Thai industry researchers have concluded that the fiber-reinforced hydrogel material is 100 times stronger than ordinary hydrogel. The main market of industrial coatings will still be heavy industrial coatings for oil, food, steel and paper industry. In these fields, Its domestic market demand and export growth will become the leading force

the Thai government has worked in the automotive OEM industry for many years, and has successfully attracted many investments from Japan, the United States and Europe, including not only the automotive industry itself, but also the automotive OEM coating industry. Nippon Paint and Kansai Paint are the rulers of automotive paint in Thailand, which is largely due to the role of Japanese auto manufacturers in investing and building factories in the local area

although the government has not yet issued relevant laws and regulations to support water-based coatings or powder coatings, the government has repeatedly stressed the importance of environmental protection, and will certainly launch some corresponding incentive policies in the future, so environmental protection coating technology will be the key growth product in Thailand, of which the current total amount of powder coating market is about 7. Coolers: the crud of air-cooled coolers should be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, regularly inspect whether the cooling copper pipe has cracks and water leakage; 10000 tons

the recent industrial investment of the Thai government will keep the coating industry in full operation, and its traditional advantages of low labor cost and geographical location will make it another attractive country for investment in the region except China

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