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At the beginning of the new year, Qingdao Textile union holding group and the microcomputer controlled electronic control experimental machine use the force sensor as the force measuring device. The Group Co., Ltd. continues the momentum of rapid development of the previous year, and its economic and technical indicators hit a new high. In fact, it has contributed wisdom and strength to the realization of the Chinese dream, making the new year a good start. According to the statistical data in January, the self operated business of the group achieved a year-on-year increase in sales revenue of 77% and a year-on-year increase in profits of 159.5%; The consolidated investment enterprises of the group company achieved a year-on-year increase of 52.8% in main business income and 74.8% in profit

since the new year, qingfanglian holding group has deepened the implementation of the group's "integration" strategy, adhered to the transformation of mode and structure, increased R & D investment, and strengthened its own brand marketing and strategic cooperation with major customers. After all, the market has been very difficult with multi-component differences. Functional textiles based on differentiated fibers and fabrics continue to expand their share in business income. At the same time, the group has also improved the construction of the group's internal control system with comprehensive budget management as the core, and the production and operation efficiency have been continuously improved

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