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Experts pointed out that the textile raw material market was in shock. In May, the textile raw material market was once again facing a test. According to the market data monitored by the business agency, the price of textile raw material products fell sharply, especially PTA, lint and raw silk

from May 2 to May 16, 2012, the average spot price of domestic PTA in East China market fell from about 8650 yuan/ton to about 8400 yuan/ton, with an overall decline of more than 3%. The decline in this half month exceeded the overall decline in the PTA Market from the beginning of this year to the end of April

domestic lint (328 grade) market (black): the average price fell from about 19300 yuan/ton to about 19000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 4. When lifting and lowering the fixture, the action should be stable up to 1.3%. Previously, lint to confirm the accuracy of the experimental machine, the spot price has been fluctuating above 19300 yuan

domestic commodity inspection silk (3a level) market (black): the average spot price fell from about 329000 yuan/ton to about 324000 yuan/ton, a decrease of more than 1%. Previously, the cocoon and silk market rose as a whole, up nearly 10%

from the price trends and comparisons of the above key products, it is not difficult to see that before May, the textile raw material market showed a range fluctuation or rising situation, which indicates that the market is gradually warming up, but due to industry restrictions, the recovery has been weak, and only the cocoon and silk market, which is less affected by the impact of new products, has significantly warmed up

in addition, the view that the BCI data of business club in the first four months are positive also shows the stability of the raw material market. Previously, relevant people had predicted that the domestic textile market might improve significantly after entering the second quarter, which was confirmed in April. After entering may, the textile market fell sharply, which is closely related to the economic trend

in general, in addition to the impact of raw materials, the economic situation has the greatest impact on it. The economic situation is directly related to the direction of the raw material market. Since May, not only the textile raw material market, many raw material markets have declined, which is enough to show the tension of the current economic situation. The BCI data for the first half of may released by the business agency on the 16th showed that the BCI was negative for the first time this year, warning that the economic situation has turned cold since May, and the market may be under pressure again. Taking this data as a reference, and combining the trend of the textile raw material market since May, the two can be said to confirm each other, which also shows that the peripheral economy has a great impact on upstream raw materials

since 2012, the news of market tightening has been continuous, and the whole domestic textile market is also moving forward in shock. But generally speaking, from the beginning of the year to the end of April, the textile raw material market basically showed a volatile trend. Although the gains and losses were mixed, the decline was slow. Half of May has passed, but the whole textile raw material market has shown its first black period this year, which is undoubtedly a blow to the textile raw material market, which has just shown signs of recovery

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