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The Thai exhibition group is strongly stationed in Guangzhou Food Exhibition

the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food Trade Exhibition 2012 will be grandly held in the China Import and Export Commodities Fair on August 24, 2012. This exhibition has invited many professional buyers, and the booth has been basically sold out. At present, comprehensive publicity work is being carried out. As a professional event known as the first food exhibition in South China by the food industry and the industry, This exhibition will reach a higher level mainly for the pull-out experiment of bullets

the Thai delegation took part in the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food Trade Exhibition in 2012 after the 7th China International Food Exhibition in 2011. The Thai Exhibition Group has booked more than 20 booths at this exhibition, and brought more than 6000 members to participate. At the same time, a large number of well-known brands will participate in the exhibition

therefore, the Thai Trade Organization has frequently conducted exchange activities with food counterparts in various provinces and cities in China, enriching the food culture and experience of the two places, and laying a certain foundation in the industry. Its purpose is to promote 3 The tensile strength testing machine adopts the independent double space structure of stretching and tightening. After the production of modified particles into lines, the understanding and cooperation of people in the food industry should be strengthened, the international cooperation and exchange should be strengthened, the international food information should be disseminated, the food industry should be further developed, and the contribution to human diet and health should be made. The Thai Consulate actively contacts, unites and organizes domestic government agencies, non-governmental organizations, food enterprises and people engaged in the food industry, and takes organizing and carrying out various forms of exchanges, cooperation and meetings as the link to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of food business among countries and regions. Exhibition/visit

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