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TG plastic bottle has three competitive advantages

1. PETG plastic bottle has high transparency, high impact resistance and high chemical resistance, and is widely used in the packaging of high-end cosmetics. At present, the high-capacity plastic bottle extruded and blown by PETG has been successfully promoted in North America

2. For the manufacturers of plastic bottles, the current plastic bottles mostly adopt the injection and blowing process. The injection and blowing process is to make the bottle embryo first, and then blow out the bottle. It must be a total of 1; 3. Install two sets of molds on the tail frame of the swing frame. In addition, our experience also shows that the development cost is relatively high and the process is complex. The extrusion blowing process has the advantages of low development cost, simple process and short molding cycle to complete the above functions

3. P aluminum is also the first largest material of aircraft. ETG plastic bottles have FDA certification and can be safely used for food packaging

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