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New policy of Thai rubber? Bulls don't be too happy

according to market news, on February 22, the Minister of agriculture of Thailand, gelsada, said: the Ministry of Agriculture plans to suspend rubber cutting for three months in 3million Lai rubber plantations across the country. The time is this month. With the consent of relevant departments, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to allocate 13.5 billion baht to make up for the economic losses of rubber farmers in these three months, according to the price of 37 baht per kilogram and the compensation standard of 1500 baht per Lai per month. This plan is still in the negotiation stage. Next, a meeting will be held with the Thai Academy of development research Sciences, the Ministry of the interior and other units on February 28, and the results are expected to be obtained within one month. He said that if this plan is really implemented, rubber farmers will be able to harvest more rubber after July. These three months can also reduce 200000 tons of rubber in the market and promote the rise of rubber prices

on the second trading day after the Spring Festival, the main force of Shanghai Jiaotong rose back to 12850, mainly due to the positive information on the supply side. This plan can reduce the supply of natural rubber on the market by 200000 tons. It basically accounted for half of Thailand's natural rubber exports in January. According to the information of Thai customs, the export volume of natural rubber in January 2018 was 428700 tons (including latex and mixed rubber), a decrease of 15.13% from December last year and an increase of 12.74% year-on-year. The export of main rubber products is as follows:

1 The export volume of natural latex is 101700 tons, including 84200 tons of concentrated latex, "said Dr. UWE Schramm, chief technology officer of solver and optimization

2. 3. The export volume of cigarette glue is 49200 tons

3. The export volume of 20 × 20 glue is 98900 tons

4. The export volume of mixed rubber is 114900 tons

5. The export volume of other rubber varieties is 64000 tons

if the quotation measures in Thailand can be implemented in strict accordance with the plan, it will be of great benefit to the rubber price increase in the future. However, I'm afraid it's thunder or rain. After all, it's not the first time that the Thai government has put a long dove

therefore, it can be seen from the disk that although the price has risen, the position has been reduced by 13566 hands. The top 20 main players of Shanghai Jiaotong 1805 are mainly reducing positions, and the total number of bulls is reliable and stable, with a decrease of 1854 to 94944 hands in a trading day; The total short positions decreased by 1921 to 133395 compared with the previous trading day. Both the long and short sides are lack of confidence, and their grasp of the news is also ambiguous

in terms of spot goods, with the rebound of futures, the quotation of all latex in Shanghai was 12000 yuan/ton, up 400 from the previous day, and the quotation of mixed rubber in Qingdao free trade zone was 11300 yuan/ton, up 325. At the same time, the current price difference fell back to 850 yuan/ton, almost equal to the historical level in the same period

in terms of downstream production, the Spring Festival holiday is basically over, most tire manufacturers are in the early stage of the resumption period, and the commencement is low. At present, they are gradually recovering, a few manufacturers start sporadic shipments, and the inventory of manufacturers is generally low

basically, according to the block and rotary table, there should be no damage and cracks in the old supply process, and the inventory is high. Although there is a price increase policy in Thailand, there is still great uncertainty about the maintenance method of the gold testing machine from the discussion conclusion, implementation and implementation plan. Therefore, we believe that in the short term, Shanghai Jiaotong is still dominated by shocks. In the later stage, it mainly focused on the domestic production areas and the export of Thai rubber

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