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Verizon invests cardstar to enter the field of mobile commerce

on August 23, according to foreign media reports, American wireless operator Verizon recently injected $400000 into membership card system provider cardstar through its Verizon venture capital company in order to enter the field of mobile commerce

cardstar is an application software business headquartered in Boston, which specializes in developing mobile commerce applications for iPhone, Android and blackberry platforms. The experimental speed is "constant speed (mm/min)" without shaking the regular interval within 1 minute. Through these applications, users can store existing discount cards in the form of bar codes

market analysts said that the mobile strip and the waterproof socks awarded by the new Randy socks industry this time also adopt a three-layer composite structure process. The design of restricted materials and their limited codes will be a popular technology in the future. This technology can improve the communication efficiency of users and reduce various social occasions and communication tools. In addition, in order to support geographical location services, the applications launched by software vendors also integrate fousquare, It is convenient for users to check in

Andrew Miller, President and CEO of Polycom, also said that at present, major operators have always had the idea of expanding the mobile e-commerce market, and the mobile membership card system will undoubtedly promote the development of mobile commerce, especially the payment market. Sohu it

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