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Vertical flexible plastic packaging bags

the innovative use of flexible packaging polymers in the process of molding and blow molding films has yielded results. In the future, our company, which belongs to materials and polymers, will integrate many years of experience in the production of materials change laboratory machines to make different products with polymers. Upright bags are providing processors with laminated composite materials, providing them with opportunities for real hair quality, which can be said to be the soul of enterprise development

the introduction of vertical bags represents a complete substitute for non polymer packaging materials, metal aluminum cans and hoses, cardboard boxes, and glass containers. Today, vertical bags also capture market share from many hard polymer packaging solutions

in the United States, the demand for vertical bags has increased by 17% every year, representing a market share of 970million US dollars, and this growth continues. According to a report from Cleveland, Ohio, the increase of food and beverage market will be close to 7% of the total by 2008. The expanded market share shows the strong expansion momentum of vertical bags. The fastest growth occurred in fast food, processed food, pet products, as well as consumer goods in grasslands and gardens, which realized the analysis of unknown pollutants in recycled plastics. The number of vertical bags that can be cooked increases by 20% every year, second only to pet food and tuna that used to rely on cans

the highest demand for soft packaging vertical bags comes from Europe. The European aluminum foil association has seen the key to the problem, such as the virtuous cycle of the environment, the reduction of transportation costs (more than 80% of the products can be transported in the same space using vertical bags compared with recyclable glass containers), and it can also improve the grade of products in combination with the characteristics of increased value, such as zipper resealability and easy dumping nozzles

tora plastics introduced a new multi-layer vertical pouch film, PCFs, which can replace aluminum foil and sealant. It is traditionally paper/polyethylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene structure with heat sealable, coextrusive, metallized, unidirectional polypropylene film. It eliminates the extrusion and coating of sealant in processing

food manufacturers and distributors should rely on new packaging technology to maintain their leading position in the competition. The working performance of PCFs is better than that of standard OPP and aluminum foil. It provides heat sealable, cost-effective and aesthetic flexible packaging. The flexible packaging has special barrier durability

the sealant after thermal activation of PCFs has a lower starting temperature, and the sealant with improved sealing performance is commonly used in BOPP film. During the heat sealing process, it flows into the wall corners and elbows, bypassing the sealed particles, showing a "caulking" effect. This eliminates the need for PE sealing layer and saves processing time and cost

the marketing department tends to use vertical bags and re strengthen the protective signs. An example is that Jamaica uses vertical bags to pack Hercules coffee according to the packaging standard. On the shelves of supermarkets, upright bags have replaced square pillow bags that have been removed due to old styles. In a vertical pouch. The inner PE layer protects the flavor of beans and provides the stiffness of packaging. The outer layer is pet, which provides pattern and space for preventing high impact (it is right not to attach labels anymore), and provides some gas and moisture separators. One layer between two layers 8 μ M aluminum sheet

vertical bags not only revive old style products, but also become new products that are increasingly acceptable to customers. Ritz chips vertical pouch, made of kraft paper bag food processing and printing combined with packaging materials, won the 17th DuPont Gold Award last year. It is easy to select and use, which plays a decisive role in deciding whether to recommend the introduction. This kind of package has the function of opening the tear strip and the method of pulling off the sheet to open the cover, which are very simple and convenient. The sales of the new packaging exceeded the original expectations, and the vertical small bag with the loading valve vertically stabilized produced a greater billboard effect on the commodity shelves

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