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Vertical rice bag outer packaging improves shelf display effect

Harwich's Surya food company adopts a new vertical outer packaging with four side flash sealing and zipper sealing system to pack 500g, 1kg and 2kg rice

sukhi dulai, CEO of Surya food company, said: "the vertical packaging with upward sealing has greatly improved the shelf display effect of products. The resealable system of this innovative packaging will lead the trend of the next generation of rice outer packaging."

surya food company chose the le360 vertical molding filling sealing integrated plastic granulator provided by line equipment, which operates in a wide range of areas of the national economy, as the product packaging machine, and is also equipped with a weighing system and sealing. However, today, many thousand yuan machines that boast all metal 1-BODY body and 2.5D curved glass are still difficult to compare with shoulder zipper production equipment, The whole package is designed mainly according to the shape and material of the sample. The lithium series products have a complete variety, long product processing chain and comprehensive technology

supplier of vertical molding filling sealing integrated packaging machine: line equipment company

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