The hottest vertical bag automatic filling capping

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Shantou Jinyuan Donghua packaging and food machinery factory has recently successfully developed a rotary self-supporting bag automatic filling and capping machine

this rotary self-supporting bag automatic filling and capping machine, which can fill and suck jelly, vegetable juice, fruit juice and other beverages, can produce 3200 ~ 4300 bags per hour, with a capacity of 150 ~ 350 ml per bag, and the output is nearly twice that of imported similar equipment. The working principle of the equipment mainly adopts cyclotron intermittent movement. The cyclotron is divided into 12 equal parts, each of which has 4 bag openings. When the machine is running, there is no other cooperation. When it stops, the bag is hung in turn for the first filling, and the second filling is for cleaning and capping. 1 citizens can arrange time in advance to avoid congestion. The strain at a certain point of an elastic element is proportional to the force on the elastic element Withdrawal and other actions (for example, in order to reduce investment, food manufacturers can also implement manual operations for bag hanging and cover placing), so that food manufacturers can greatly improve the efficiency of packaging and filling

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