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Veritas' multi cloud data service platform is extended to VMware to help enterprises give full play to data value

Veritas continues to accelerate innovation in the fields of business continuity, data protection and data insight, and helps enterprises take the lead in creating a large-scale mixed it and multi cloud working environment

Beijing - September 26, 2019 - Veritas technologies, the global market leader in enterprise data protection and software definition, recently announced that its multi cloud data service platform is extended to VMware, The platform can run locally and in mainstream cloud platforms including Amazon Web services (AWS), Microsoft azure, Google cloud platform, etc. Veritas' integrated solution ensures that VMware users can easily manage the availability of key business services in the application layer, and ensure flexible data protection with granular recovery or large-scale recovery, no matter what local or cloud environment VMware operates in. At the same time, with the help of Veritas multi cloud data service platform, VMware users can also view the entire hybrid and multi cloud environment in a single view, from which they can obtain the data insight needed for optimal management

the recently launched Veritas multi cloud data service platform (enterprise data servi ces platform in China's plastic machinery market) effectively helps enterprise it resolve the complexity of data management and infrastructure through integrated technology. This platform can provide customers with unparalleled application and business continuity, data protection and data insight, help customers effectively manage data growth, reduce the negative impact of ransomware, improve business operation efficiency, and achieve data compliance in local and cloudy environments

greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas, said: Veritas is crucial for those enterprises that use VMware to support the deployment of a hybrid cloud environment for methanol to olefins and need an excellent level of toughness and flexible infrastructure. NetBackup 8.2 is applicable to the completely agent-free architecture with VMware and API priority, and can realize fully automated data protection, migration, orchestration and recovery in any environment

the Veritas multi cloud data service platform based on NetBackup, which includes many leading technologies such as Veritas infoscale and aptare it analytics, ensures that customers can access data on demand at any time. At the same time, the platform can also provide first-class data analysis capabilities and comprehensive data protection and recovery solutions. After deploying Veritas multi cloud data service platform in VMware environment, users can:

seamlessly extend business continuity management to the application layer in hybrid cloud: for modern enterprises and businesses, the excellent business continuity, flexibility and performance of applications are difficult or lacking. However, it is not easy to realize this requirement in a heterogeneous hybrid cloud environment. Enterprises need to fully understand and make use of their hybrid cloud infrastructure to realize this requirement in a simple, scalable and highly resilient way. With the help of business continuity management, Veritas infoscale seamlessly extends to the application layer, further strengthens VMware infrastructure, and greatly improves the round the clock stable operation of applications. Therefore, enterprises can easily realize application migration across multiple environments, clouds and other architectures

gain insight into virtual machine and cloud operations through a single view: Veritas aptare can provide data insight across disconnected local, mixed and multi cloud it environments. If enterprises want to improve the agility of operation, they must master the comprehensive data environment of the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises need a single view interface that can cover all local and cloud data centers, so as to effectively monitor the situation of data calculation, storage and backup. Veritas aptare's native integration with VMware vrealize automation and vrealize orchest1, which use mineral oil raters with medium viscosity, can help customers easily deploy data protection in mixed environments, achieve data insight, and maximize the value of data. At the same time, with a single management interface, Veritas aptare also simplifies data insight management, optimizes the environmental performance of local, AWS cloud and local devices, and reduces enterprise costs

optimize the granular recovery and scalability recovery of data in the hybrid cloud: whether the data is located locally or in the cloud, data protection and recovery are crucial. Modern enterprises and businesses not only need to calmly achieve scalability recovery in a mixed it environment, but also need to meet stringent service level goals. NetBackup is the best choice to meet this demand of enterprises. In addition to supporting more than 500 data sources, more than 150 storage devices and 60 cloud platforms, the latest version of NetBackup can easily recover at granular level without installing virtual disk images (vmdk). At the same time, it can fully automate and arrange large-scale recovery, achieve a higher level of business resilience, and help customers migrate to the cloud without worry

umang bhavsar, senior vice president of Oaktree capital management, said: Veritas multi cloud data service platform not only provides better data protection, business continuity and data insight, but also helps us give full play to the value of data and ensure data compliance. At present, we have fully deployed this platform technology in the cloud environment. I firmly believe that with the help of Veritas multi cloud data service platform, our data and applications will be closely protected and always available 24 hours a day

about veritas

veritas technologies is a leader in the field of data protection and data management in the world. It needs a standard block to calibrate the hardness tester before measurement. More than 50000 enterprise customers, including 99% of the global Fortune 100 enterprises, rely on Veritas to resolve it complexity and simplify data management processes. Veritas multi cloud data service platform can provide automatic data protection, coordinate data redundancy recovery everywhere, ensure the 24x7 real-time stable operation of key business data and applications, and provide data insight for enterprises to achieve data compliance. Veritas has a good reputation for reliability, scalability and flexible on-demand deployment, supporting more than 500 data sources, more than 150 storage devices, and 60 cloud platforms

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