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Vertical two-color injection disc machine

the latest product of Fengtie company - vertical two-color injection disc machine has the following main features:

1. Vertical mold locking and vertical do not complain about the design of injection mechanism, which is suitable for two-color or two-material products with inserts, so there is no expensive molding

2. Different injection unit combinations can be selected according to the injection weight requirements of the product to achieve the highest production efficiency and the lowest energy consumption

3. Multi station disc design, the lower pressure disc is placed on the rotating workbench, which is stable, accurate in positioning, and easy to take and place parts

4. 7-inch color display screen is adopted, various functions are clearly displayed, and 66 groups of module forming parameters are randomly stored

5. The design of double specific pressure and specific flow oil pressure circuit provides the function of clamping and ejecting at the same time, which can greatly shorten the time of forming cycle

6. injection molding and mold locking are controlled by electronic ruler, and multi-stage pressure and speed adjustment can be set according to the requirements of the product. The adjustment is convenient to ensure the accuracy of the product

7. high precision P.I.D. temperature control, stable temperature control of each section, and small error

8. the injection system adopts the design of double injection cylinders, double seat cylinders and double guide pillars, with stable movement and high injection accuracy

9. configure oil pressure motor with high torque and low noise to improve plasticizing ability

10. the moving part adopts high-quality self-lubricating bearings, which makes the maintenance of the machine easier

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