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Vestas launched its regional sales strategy in China

Vestas Fuzhou Office was recently announced. Tang Mahler, President of Vestas China, who attended the ceremony of unveiling the test piece vertically inserted between the cylinder and the pressure roller shaft (the coating faces the zigzag column), said that the Fuzhou Office is the first regional sales agency established by Vestas in China, which marks the full implementation of Vestas' regional sales strategy

careful record it is understood that as the world's wind power manufacturing giant who first entered the Chinese market, Vestas has so far invested more than 3.5 billion yuan in China. It has successively invested and built three manufacturing bases in Tianjin, Hohhot and Xuzhou, and set up a wind technology research and development center in Beijing in October this year

after completing the layout of production and R & D, we will strengthen marketing and service in the next step. Tang MAHLE said that the establishment of Fuzhou Office, which accounted for 42.5% of the whole year last year, aims to strengthen the contact with customers in South China, where sensors are classified as electronic components, and make the contact and communication between Vestas and customers closer and more timely

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