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Verizon closes its large physical call center and 500 employees work at home. News on February 28 (compiled/old Qin): February 2018 -- Verizon Wireless will close its large call center in North Charleston because its business will be transferred to a call center with a home-based operation mode, consisting of about 500 employees

Spokesman karenschultz said that the closure of the center would be announced on Wednesday and would be completed in September

in a statement on Thursday, she said that the affected Verizon employees choose to work from home, and they will support customers in the same way and with similar tools, just like when they work in a traditional physical call center

in 2004, this wireless telecommunications operator opened a 150000 square foot customer service center in a renovation project of Montgomery warddepar for breathing bags

veri promised to hire up to 1000 employees to cooperate with the market promotion of products produced by water pipeline manufacturers. At that time, it was said to be the largest job announcement in Charleston County's history

schultz said that part of the reason why the company is transforming to a home-based business model is due to the positive feedback from Verizon employees

schultz said: these employees said that they are very satisfied with this model, so this is an opportunity to meet our business and customer needs, at the same time, we need to ask the professional staff of the manufacturer to carry out inspection, so as to provide our employees with greater flexibility

the company's stations show that it has 16 call centers across the country, including two other call centers in South Carolina. Six of these centres are moving towards a family based model. Schultz said that Verizon's customer support businesses in Colombia and Greenville were not among them

there are about 75 employees in the North Charleston center. They do not deal with specific users and can modify the business of analysis methods. Schultz said that they will continue to work in the building of the shopping center until the middle of 2019

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