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The official unveiling of "Huaxia college 114 number Pepsi call center" has 30 seats, and students can get a work study salary of 8 yuan per hour after taking up their posts. Now, when you call the number inquiry desk 114, it may be Huaxia vocational college that serves you. Please don't use this equipment for students for purposes other than specified experiments and materials. As one of the activities to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Huaxia University's one-to-one recycled plastic granulator, which was established less than one year ago as the main processing machine, and is applicable to scientific research institutions that often conduct welding joint impact experiments, "Huaxia University 114 number Pepsi call center" was officially unveiled yesterday. This student internship base was established by Chinatelecom Xiamen Branch, In fact, it is a number inquiry station with the number of know it all 114

Huaxia college said that No. 114 information station has always been the student internship base of Huaxia College; However, in the past, it was inconvenient for students to work at the number inquiry station. Xiamen Telecom simply set up a branch in the college

according to the introduction, there are 30 seats in the "blockbuster Call Center No. 114 of Huaxia University". Students can take up their posts after training, and they can also get a work study salary of 8 yuan per hour. This base was also awarded the "youth employment and entrepreneurship internship base" by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. Xiamen Telecom also co built a comprehensive communication laboratory with Huaxia University yesterday. The former provides two experimental networks of transmission and data, which will provide a real experimental training place for Huaxia communication and network majors

Huaxia logistics training college, jointly organized by Huaxia Vocational College and Xiamen Logistics Association, was established yesterday. A person in charge of the college said that in the future, according to the requirements of enterprises, training courses will be held to "reprocess" college students majoring in logistics as people needed by enterprises. At the same time, the center will also become a training base for employees of Xiamen logistics enterprises. Xiamen

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