The blending and transmission of modern packaging

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The blending and inheritance of modernist design thought to modern packaging design

Abstract: contemporary packaging design has risen from meeting the needs of material functions to meeting the needs of spiritual functions. Based on modernist design thought and starting from humanized functional design, the author proposes that as a designer, we should carry out product packaging design in a rational way, so as to achieve the best form of design - the perfect combination of science and technology and art

key words: modernist design, functional and humanized packaging design

I. Introduction

packaging design, as a method of creating added value of goods, is pursued by most enterprise operators and packaging designers, "packaging is often more important than the products contained in it". Why can packaging turn boring chemical products into a panacea? After experiencing confusion, confusion and cognition about the controversial product packaging in the market in my life and work, I can finally answer today: packaging can become a powerful weapon in contemporary market sales competition and the fourth asset of enterprises. Its functional changes reflect that modern packaging has the dual functional attributes of material and spirit, the added value of packaging is increasing, and the added value of cultural and spiritual functions is improving. This is the inevitable result of the development of science and information technology, as well as the development of products, sales and consumption

during the Mid Autumn Festival last year, you can see a dazzling array of moon cake gift boxes in major shopping malls. The author saw a gift box moon cake with a price of more than 1000 yuan. From the heart, the designer of this moon cake box did his best in design and technology. The printing was gorgeous and exquisite, which made people know that it was a special gift at a high price. What is the treasure in the expensive moon cake box? In fact, compared with other moon cakes, there is only a set of silver knife and fork utensils. Needless to say, this kind of gift packaging is too extravagant for everyone who lives on wages, but in developing China, this phenomenon is widespread in the field of packaging design. We think that such packaging has reached the level of "variation", and excessive packaging has once become a concern in the packaging design industry. We believe that it is necessary to revise the concept of packaging design

Second, the characteristics of modernist design

from the beginning of human cognition of the world, there has been the rudiment of packaging, and packaging is really combined with design. It is widely used in underground pipelines for transporting liquids, gases and loose solids. Its development must be traced back to the rise of the Art Nouveau movement in the late 19th century in Europe. The works of art in that period loved to use delicate colors, showing "a softer, more delicate and more trivial style... Poor polar state, and tend to be cumbersome". The wide spread of the Art Nouveau movement has a profound impact on the style of packaging design. Until the 1920s, there were two schools in the field of Western Design: Modernism and postmodernism. The foundation of modernist design is functionalism, which advocates that form follows function. D. rams, a German modernist design master, expounds that the basic principles of modernist design are "simplicity is better than complexity, blandness is better than dazzling; a single tone is better than colorful; durability is better than catching up with fashion, and rational structure is better than blindly following fashion." This style has led the design trend all over the world. So it was called internationalism style after the war. Compared with the major design schools in the long history of design, the influence of modernism on the development of packaging design is the most profound and the longest. The foundation of modernist design was laid by the establishment of buahus in 1919. It advocates taking rationalism as the starting point, taking human beings' understanding of nature and transformation of nature as the premise, and emphasizes a kind of law that determines and affects human subjective human nature with objective physical laws, so as to make the art infiltrated with science and technology become a complete design work. Many modernists, from behrence and gropes in Germany to Mies and Wright in the United States and Corbusier in France, regard the principle of "less is more" as the basis for their own design and creation by paying attention to function, concise modeling, opposing redundant decoration. However, after experiencing the glory of modernism design, for a long time, the designers thought its design style was indifferent, single and lack of human feelings. Indeed, modernism design thought has experienced more than 200 years of precipitation, discarding its dross and taking its essence. Today, it once again shines its light in the design

Third, functional packaging design

packaging design is the design of the container of finished products and the structural appearance of its packaging, in order to obtain a reliable, beautiful and creative man-made thing suitable for human needs. As a modern commodity packaging design, the perfect combination of science and technology and art has once again become a new research topic for designers. Packaging design pays attention to "people-oriented". Modernist design thought advocates that function determines form, and believes that packaging design must take function as the starting point and end point of all design, and the purpose of design is to serve people. In other words, after packaging design reaches the most basic function - wrapping products, people have higher and more functional requirements for it - humanization. Social development, technological progress, product updates, and the tense pace of life will inevitably lead to changes in the concept of product quality. People will pay more attention to the evaluation of product humanization, the development and application of marginal disciplines such as ergonomics, and will also raise the level of packaging design to the new height that people are pursuing. Fundamentally speaking, humanized design is modernist and functionalist. It is a design concept that improves the shape design of packaging on the premise of ensuring the packaging function to meet the general principles of ergonomics. What modern packaging seeks is the best corresponding combination between function and form, so as to achieve the greatest functional benefit with the most beautiful visual effect. Commodity packaging is a combination of various functions. First of all, it undertakes the protection function of products in the process of transportation and sales; In addition, we should also consider the humanization that users feel through packaging in the process of using the product; At the same time, according to different product characteristics, different sales environments and different consumer groups, packaging should also show the advantages of products to the greatest extent, so as to stand out in the market competition, so as to obtain the best comprehensive benefits and win the market

functionalism has a great impact on today's design. As a designer, he should have the sharpest insight to find packaging problems at any time and solve them in time

the traditional vertical cigarette packaging box is a landmark cigarette packaging in the eyes of consumers. Its characteristics are: vertical inclined flip, cigarettes are placed vertically, the filter tip is upward, and the opening of the cigarette box is at the filter tip of the cigarette. However, I believe that if we analyze it from the aspects of humanization and function, it has several defects:

China has 320million smokers, accounting for one third of the production and consumption market in the world. The average annual consumption of cigarettes in China is 9.212 billion. People have long recognized that the harmful substances in incense smoke threaten the health of smokers and passive smokers. But at the same time, we ignore an equally important problem: cigarette filters also have serious health risks in the process of smoking, and have become the source of transmission of various infectious diseases. The reason is:

1) there is a misunderstanding in the traditional cigarette packaging. After opening the cigarette box, the sponge head of the filter is partially exposed outside the packaging box, and the hand is in direct contact with the filter, becoming the first pollution source of smokers

2) most people don't realize that they should wash their hands before smoking as before eating. Everyone's living and working environment changes complex, and the time and place of smoking are irregular. Consumers' fingers cannot always be kept clean, and it is difficult to wash hands before smoking in work and life. The contaminated finger takes the sponge head of the cigarette and puts it into the mouth, and the bacteria then enter the human body

3) mutual respect for cigarettes has been a kind of etiquette and friendship in the daily social activities of Chinese people. However, this process of enjoying the fun of smoking has become a process of cross infection with various diseases and pathogenic microorganisms. At present, few smokers are aware of this

people oriented, infiltrating rational technology into perceptual art, we try to design horizontal cigarette packaging boxes to replace the traditional vertical cigarette boxes. First of all, the horizontal packaging box solves the problem from a physical point of view: its size is the same as that of the traditional vertical cigarette box. The cigarette is placed horizontally in the box. The opening part is on the side of the cigarette, such as 3D printing and mobile phone heat dissipation box. It is the cigarette paper part of the cigarette. When taking the cigarette, the hand first contacts the cigarette paper part in the middle of the cigarette, and does not touch the filter tip. People are in the process of smoking or delivering, It can effectively avoid the spread and cross contamination of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, the way of taking cigarettes has changed from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction. The contact position of the handle when taking cigarettes has changed from the filter to the cigarette body. At this time, the contact area between the hand and the cigarette is greatly widened. On this basis, an intermediary that can be pulled back and forth is set, which can pull all cigarettes out horizontally like a drawer. This horizontal pull-out design is not only convenient for ordinary people, but also helps people with hand disabilities. Secondly, from the aspect of packaging box production, the traditional vertical cigarette packaging box has 18 cuts after the outer box skin is unfolded, while the horizontal packaging box has 16 cuts, and the area of moisture-proof paper and lining is smaller than that of traditional packaging, reducing the use of paper. Including the outer cover, moisture-proof paper and lining, using horizontal cigarette packaging boxes can save 2.5 square meters of paper per box of cigarettes compared with using traditional vertical cigarette packaging boxes. In today's society, it is of certain significance to save resources, promote sustainable development and reduce production costs

students often ask: is packaging and decoration design also functional design? My answer is yes. Packaging decoration design is the design of color, text and graphics of packaging. Modernist design thought believes that any element in packaging design has functionality. We oppose the accumulation of unnecessary elements, decoration for decoration, luxury and excessive packaging in our design. Nowadays, some goods in the packaging industry are too extravagant and wasteful to the extent of variation. I believe that packaging should not be an intermediary to grow bureaucratic habits and provide corruption. Some people get out of the water for commercial purposes, and the exquisite packaging has become a beautiful trap at this time, affecting fair competition and administrative justice. Excessive packaging also violates the principle of environmental protection, and virtually encourages the pursuit of high standards and high-quality bureaucratic lifestyle, which should not be respected and advocated by the packaging industry and the whole society

IV. conclusion

design is a kind of work that endows people's thoughts with forms. Design is to endow all human creations with beautiful purposes and realize them. Excellent design is the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty. Design has further risen from the satisfaction of material functions to the satisfaction of spiritual functions in the past. This is the fundamental reason to integrate science and technology into art, mix rationality with sensibility, and increase the added value of products, which is also the responsibility of designers. In a sense, the continuous development and improvement of design is the continuous improvement of people's cognition, thought and emotion

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