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The future blueprint of filach base - Infineon technology plans to create a "industry 4.0 pilot base"

on July 7, 2014, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding the scale of its filach plant in Austria. The focus of this expansion plan is to improve the expertise for future manufacturing and expand the scale of R & D. In the pilot space industry 4.0 project, the innovative concept of interconnected knowledge intensive production will be put into practice and tested, and the research on new materials and technologies will also be strengthened. According to Infineon's expansion plan, it is estimated that the related investment and research costs will total 290million euros, which can create about 200 new jobs from 2014 to 2017, mainly in the field of R & D

Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon technology operations and head of global production base, explained that the sustainable development of filach base is an integral part of our group's production strategy. In this base, many important development tasks will be promoted, and innovative technologies serving production will also be transferred from Infineon to other bases. At the same time, our strategy also includes expanding the production of 300 mm thin wafers in Dresden and 200 mm thin wafers in curin, Malaysia

Sabine herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria, said that with the help of this expansion plan, filach is enhancing its important role as an innovative factory and the power electronics technology center of Infineon enterprise group. We will combine the innovative factory of filach with the mass production technology of 300 mm thin wafer production of power semiconductors in Dresden base, and make an important contribution to the success of the company

herlitschka also mentioned that this measure will also promote the development of a unique production cluster in Austria and Germany, which is eye-catching throughout Europe

industry 4.0 pilot space project

Infineon will build a first-class comprehensive building for research, production and testing technology workstations. Logistics, various infrastructure and plant equipment will also be expanded to meet future needs. This will help Infineon vigorously improve productivity and automation, cope with international competition, and improve flexibility at the same time

Infineon has been committed to actively promoting industrial 4.0 strategic projects since the beginning; Its pilot base in filach is another measure to help realize this vision. Industry 4.0 reflects the changes with exemplary significance in value creation, and brings a lot of opportunities to European industry. Infineon Austria project is an important measure to enhance the competitiveness of Europe. In the pilot operation of filach, the production will adopt information physical system, including highly modern production control and automation system. On the premise of the highest level of data security and data integrity, human-computer interaction will be promoted to a new level in the pilot plant. At the same time, Infineon will continue to pursue the goal of high energy efficiency in production

new materials and new technologies

large scale R & D projects that are just innovative in materials, process flow, technology and system expertise are another pillar of the expansion of filach base, which strongly supports the development of a new generation of energy-efficient products. The project focuses on the integration of innovative substrates such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide on MEMS (micro electro mechanical system), sensor technology and the continuous development of 300mm thin wafer technology

regional industry insight

put an end to data loss caused by forgetting to save the disk due to sudden power failure. Over the years, Infineon technology Austria Co., Ltd. has benefited from the development of a close cooperation network with a precise structure, which closely links it with the cities of filach, Kersten, the Republic of Austria and European institutions. With this favorable condition, it transformed southern Austria into a high-tech region, which has made an important contribution to enhancing the popularity of the region and the competitive strength of intelligent professional technology. Through the industry 4.0 pilot base project, Infineon will further enhance its development efforts, which means that it will also carry out closer cooperation with research partners, universities, technical colleges and small and medium-sized enterprises in the innovation system. Peter Kaiser, the governor of Kersten, Austria, commented that Kersten and Infineon are excellent partners in the fields of innovation, investment and internationalization. Innovation, investment and internationalization (the first words of these three words in English are I, that is, the three I) are the core strategies for kirten state to participate in international competition, and appropriately represent Infineon as a successful leader in the world who is famous in our state and has gone to 10 provinces and regions for special spot checks. We will work together to write a series of brilliant chapters such as the industrial 4.0 pilot base. Such investment reflects our confidence in innovation and the blueprint for sustainable development, which will promote the development of this charming and future oriented business district in Austria

about Infineon

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, provides solutions for energy efficiency, mobility and security in the three major scientific and technological challenges of modern society. According to the requirements of customers, one or two broach semiconductors and systems can be brought randomly. In fiscal year 2013 (as of September 30), the company achieved sales of 3.84 billion euros and has nearly 26700 employees worldwide. Infineon is currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Stock Code: IFX) and the American OTC market (otcqx) International Premier (Stock Code: ifnny)

Infineon in China

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. officially entered the Chinese market in 1995. Since the establishment of its first enterprise in Wuxi in 1996, Infineon's business has achieved very rapid growth, with about 1700 employees in China, and has become an important driving force for Infineon's business development in the Asia Pacific and even the world. Infineon has established a complete industrial chain covering R & D, production, sales, marketing, technical support, etc. in China, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with domestic leading enterprises and colleges and universities in terms of sales, technology R & D, talent training, etc

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