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Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment release quality blue book

Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment release quality blue book

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Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment business director team oath

"Improve the delivery quality of parts, support the quality improvement of the whole machine products, and strictly implement the quality valve rules of new products... We guarantee that we will strive to achieve the overall quality goal of 2018 with the purpose of customer satisfaction." On August 15, Wang Yurong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol Arbos group, released the blue book on the quality of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment. All business directors solemnly pledged to implement the objectives of the blue book on quality. In the next five years, the quality of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment products will reach the international advanced level

It is understood that the blue book expounds the quality management positioning and objectives of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment from three perspectives: quality strategy, quality objectives and quality measures, puts forward some strategies to improve the measurement range of enterprise quality management displacement: 0 ~ 500mm level and improve user satisfaction, and defines the establishment of customer-oriented quality standards, Take customer quality standards as the core and key indicators of product quality improvement

with the continuous development of agricultural machinery enterprises in China, the level of agricultural mechanization is getting higher and higher, and the needs of users are also increasing, and the quality and reliability of products are particularly important in the market competition. By implementing the business director system and relying on regional strategic organizations, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment strengthens the research on customer needs, benchmark products, policies and regulations, establishes a standardized product definition template for complete machines, systems, and components, establishes a synchronous development mechanism for purchased parts and PPAP audit capability, upgrades the capability of process manufacturing equipment, and focuses on improving the upgrading of detection, cleanliness control technology, automation, and modular assembly technology, Strengthen the service skill training of service personnel, improve the fault judgment and maintenance ability, cultivate high skilled maintenance service teams such as electric control and hydraulic pressure, realize the transformation from service quantity to service quality, improve and improve the quality assurance ability from the four links of R & D, supply chain, process manufacturing and service

the quality blue book also defines the quality objectives for the year. It is reported that the requirements for the box sealing of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment are also higher, and efforts are made to improve the continuous working time of various products, so as to achieve three years of trouble free tractor parts (bridge, box, engine), 700 mu of continuous operation of the new wheat machine that year, and 807 continuous operation of the new corn machine that year The elongation at break (elongation at break) of the sample is 0 Mu without failure, the new rice machine operates 700 Mu continuously in the same year without failure, and the new baler operates 9300 bales continuously in the same year without failure

"Quality is the core guarantee of market competitiveness. In the future, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment should establish customer-oriented quality standards, and have zero tolerance for market quality problems. If the quality improvement fails to meet the customer's quality standards, the person in charge of improvement should review the quality improvement to the customer. At the same time, the quality improvement should be accepted by the customer, and the product quality should be improved through the release of the quality blue book The quantity level has been raised to a level close to or even surpassing the world level, so as to create a solid foundation for the globalization strategy of Lovol Arbos agricultural clothing. " Said Wang Yurong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol Arbos group

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