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The blueprint for a new generation of AI industry is emerging

■ Zhong Yuan

following the landing of the national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zone in Beijing and Shanghai, the construction of a national new generation AI demonstration park will also make substantial progress. It is reported that the "measures for the identification and management of artificial intelligence demonstration parks" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be issued recently, and the subsequent relevant departments will carry out the identification and solicitation of national artificial intelligence demonstration parks based on this. The first list may be announced at the end of June

at present, the blueprint of China's new generation of artificial intelligence industry has initially appeared. Among them, the national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zones in Beijing and Shanghai have taken the lead, the national new generation AI demonstration parks are accelerating, and the three major AI industry clusters represented by Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have taken shape, with the total number of AI enterprises accounting for 86% of the country

in 2017, the State Council issued the development plan for the new generation of artificial intelligence, and the Ministry of industry and information technology subsequently issued the three-year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry (year). Among them, the three-year action plan refers to strengthening ministerial and provincial cooperation, relying on the construction of national new industrialization demonstration base, supporting conditional regions to give full play to their resource advantages, cultivating a number of leading AI enterprises, exploring the construction of AI industry agglomeration areas, and promoting the breakthrough development of AI industry

as an important carrier and starting point for the development of China's new generation of artificial intelligence industry, the construction of national artificial intelligence demonstration park will make substantial progress in the near future. "At present, the measures are soliciting opinions internally, and will be published in the near future if there are no problems." According to the above insiders, according to the draft of the measures, the selection criteria for future parks are divided into binding indicators and guiding indicators, mainly including industrial agglomeration, industrial structure, application level, talent security, innovation ability, industrial support and legal compliance. The list of the first batch of demonstration parks will be announced at the end of June

Cao Feng, deputy director of the AI Department of Yunda Institute of China Academy of information and communications and head of the evaluation and certification working group of China AI industry development alliance, said that the construction of AI demonstration areas is of great significance to promote the development of local AI industry, help the park improve its service capacity, and accelerate the formation of high-quality industrial clusters

with the acceleration of the national new generation AI demonstration park, the pattern of China's new generation AI industry is becoming increasingly clear

in February this year, Beijing was approved and established the first national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zone, striving to achieve a number of internationally leading achievements in AI theory, technology and application, and form a number of replicable and replicable experiences and practices. Recently, the construction of Shanghai national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zone was officially launched. It will focus on major national strategies and the needs of Shanghai's economic and social development, strive to break through the pain points and difficulties faced by the development of AI, and focus on the overall construction idea of "innovation strategy source, scenario driven, open linkage, governance collaboration", so as to accelerate the development of AI innovation strategy source, application demonstration The "four highlands" of institutional supply and talent accumulation are advancing

in addition to Beijing and Shanghai, many provinces and cities have also carried out layout planning. It is understood that since last year, Guangdong, Tianjin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Sichuan, Anhui and other provinces have successively released AI plans. Shenzhen recently released the "action plan for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in Shenzhen to enter the supplier system of general motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Citroen, Mazda and other companies through supplying first-class parts supporting suppliers to domestic automobile OEMs, and obtain the supplier system certification of domestic independent brands such as great wall and SAIC (year)". The plan proposes that by 2023, Shenzhen will build more than 20 innovation carriers, Cultivate more than 20 leading enterprises with leading technological innovation capabilities in China, create 10 key industrial clusters, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industries has exceeded 30billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 600billion yuan

according to the 2019 report on the development of the next generation of artificial intelligence after China's new operation for many years, the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and local real economy in China is accelerating. On the whole, the eastern region is strong and the region rich in science and education resources is dominant

Liu Jinchang, a researcher at the high technology research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology, said that the development of artificial intelligence industry is mainly affected by factors such as high-end talents, scientific research institutions, enterprise agglomeration, investment and financing, and application scenarios. Regions with abundant resources in these areas occupy a dominant position

industry experts pointed out that "Ai + manufacturing" is still an important foothold for the development of AI. As the spillover effect of AI on traditional industries appears, AI enterprises will focus on application scenarios to accelerate the landing. At present, in addition to relying on Baidu to build autonomous driving, relying on Alibaba cloud to build urban brain, relying on Tencent to build medical imaging, relying on iFLYTEK to build intelligent voice, and relying on Shangtang group to build a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform in five countries, it is also widely used in manufacturing, medical treatment, transportation, home, security, network security and other fields. There are more than 1000 AI enterprises in China. The boom of AI chips and open source continues to heat up, and the landing competition of leading start-ups such as Shangtang, Yuncong, Kuangshi and Yitu is intense

although the reform of industrial structure has been implemented or unveiled in the fields of two children alone, abolition of reeducation through labor, new urbanization, registered residence, discipline inspection, simplification of administration and decentralization; The reform plans in the fields of justice, finance and taxation, culture and so on are being reviewed or approved by the deep restructuring; The military reform, which seems mysterious to the outside world, is also quietly carried out; The "modernization of national governance system and governance capacity", which is called the "fifth modernization" by multidimensional, has taken shape. However, many experts interviewed believe that in order to achieve the healthy development of artificial intelligence in the future, we still need to fully pool the forces of scientists, entrepreneurs and all sectors of society, integrate natural science, social science and other disciplines, and are related to basic theory, algorithms and software, high-end chips, shore a hardness and indenter displacement By measuring the displacement of the pressure needle, breakthroughs have been made in key parts, computing power, man-machine interface and coordination, so as to further consolidate the foundation for the development of artificial intelligence

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